We love Derby! LoveDerby is an initiative run by Jubilee Church to demonstrate this in practical and tangible ways. As a church that meets right in the centre of the city we want to make a difference to the whole of our city. We aim to do this by loving, serving and connecting.

Love. Serve. Connect.

Actively loving by being available to people
Actively serving by meeting people’s practical needs
Actively connecting by partnering with other organisations in the city
Our hope is that this will spill out into everyday life right across the city. Jubilee Church Derby is here to make a difference and demonstrate God’s love to the city in practical ways.


Our current long term LoveDerby projects include Smile and supporting Faith, Hope & Enterprise.

A response to COVID-19 - loving our community


We love Derby and we love our Key workers! A key worker or critical worker is a public or private sector employee who is considered to provide an essential service. In the United Kingdom during the COVID-19 pandemic response the government used the term to describe anyone who is working in an area which is vital to public health and safety during the 'lockdown'. Because their work is so vital, the government is keen to ensure that they are able to carry out their jobs with as little restriction as possible, meaning their children are able to continue going to school and they are able to use necessary transport links to get to and from work.

The list of workers includes: Health & Social Care workers, Education and Childcare workers, Food and other necessary goods workers, key public service workers (post office, religious staff, undertakers, journalists), utility workers, public safety and national security workers (police, MOD, armed forces, fire & rescue services, border security & prisons) and transport workers.

As a church we want to support all those in our community who work in these areas. We are encouraging our members to get involved in supporting them by providing encouragement, prayer and any assistance where we can during this time (including practical assistance where possible and in accordance with the rules given by the government). As part of this initiative we have asked those who work in these areas within our church to share prayer points and concerns in our private Facebook Group. This is so that people can pray specifically into areas of need whether specifically for the individual or generally in terms of the role that person does, so that we can pray more generally for all those who are involved in those areas in our city / nation.

One way we can say thank you to our key workers is through the Thursday evening 'Clap for key workers' event which happens weekly at 8pm on Thursdays. Another way is more simply to look out for key workers you know encouraging, thanking and being there for them!. We're in this for the long haul and know that even as our lockdown rules begin to relax over the next few months, these roles will continue to be vital for us to fight this pandemic and the ongoing impact of it in our community. WE LOVE KEYWORKERS!

LoveDerby Baby Bags
A new initiative for 2018

We’re passionate about the church making a difference in the lives of people who live in and around Derby. We want to support the work of our local fostering and adoption teams by coming up with ways to support children and babies who are in the care system and their families. We would like to support them by providing a welcome pack for every baby who comes into care in Derby City. This initiative is being arranged with and supported by Derby City Council's fostering team.

Baby Bags
To do this we need your help! We’d love you to help us by either raising money or by donating the items which will go into these packs. We’re planning to purchase some high quality bags which will be a permanent gift for each child. In these bags we want to be able to include the following items:

Baby Wipes
Baby bath wash
Toothbrush & paste
Baby Vests
Sleep Suits

A small toy / teddy
Baby muslin
Formula / Food Pouch
A small gift for foster carer

How can you help?

We think that the best way to go about putting these packs together is through our small groups which we call LifeGroups. This will enable us to keep the costs for each pack low as people can buy items in bulk. If you’d like to get involved speak to your LifeGroup Leader.


● One Off Online Gift:
To give a one off online gift click here and use the reference: LoveDerby Baby Bags

● Monthly Online Gift:
If you would prefer to set up a monthly standing order online to support this scheme please click here and use the reference: LoveDerby Baby Bags - Monthly.

● Cash or Cheque Donations:
To give by cash or cheque make it clear that your donation is for the LoveDerby Baby Bags. Please make cheques payable to 'Jubilee Church Derby' and post to the church office: Jubilee Church Derby, PO Box 7736, Derby, DE1 0RY.

Please send cash and cheques to: Jubilee Church Derby, PO Box 7736, Derby, DE1 ORY. All donations which are marked for 'LoveDerby Baby Bags' will be placed in a restricted fund and used by Jubilee Church Derby soley for and on behalf of this scheme. Our online giving facility is provided by give.net, which is powered by Stewardship. You can find out more here.

If you would like to find out more about the scheme or making donations please contact the church office:

01332 322655

LoveDerby Day an initiative of LoveDerby & DCFC

In 2014 & 2015 we were priviledge to be able to partner with Derby County Football Club in holding "LoveDerby Day" a LoveDerby Project, at the iPro stadium in Derby.

To read more about the LoveDerby Day please click here.

The Faith, Hope & Enterprise Company
supporting some of the most marginalised people in our society

One £ Shop
£1 A Week Shop

As part of our LoveDerby initiative and our ongoing support of Faith, Hope & Enterprise (FHE), we are promoting a £1 a week shop scheme. The idea is that when you do your weekly shop you buy a few extra items to donate to FHE. These are then brought along on a Sunday morning and donated to FHE. For some ideas of what to buy why not download our shopping list.

What is Faith, Hope & Enterprise?

The Faith Hope and Enterprise Company Ltd. is a Registered Charity (1167974) which provides supported housing for some of the most marginalised members of society.

Their exclusion may be due to general homelessness issues, drug or alcohol misuse, former offending behaviour or mental health concerns.

They provide a range of mentoring and support services to help people build their confidence and self esteem. Residents have a regular programme of assessment and review with a variety of activities that help them develop their life skills.

A short video explaining more about FHE:

More Information

For more information about Faith Hope & Enterprise visit their website or contact the church office.

01332 322655

supporting families of children with additional needs

Smile logo

Smile is a monthly respite facility for children with additional needs aged over 5 yrs. Parents are welcome to stay for a coffee and a chat or take time out for themselves. The aim is to provide a friendly and fun environment for the children and to show Gods love in a practical way. Smile is a service that is open to families of any beliefs or none. Smile generally runs on the first Saturday of the month, except when this clashes with school holidays.

We knew our son was well looked after, by kind, caring people who knew and understood his needs. It gave us a much needed break for a few hours.

Smile Parent

A short video explaining more about Smile:

More Information

For more information about Smile, visit the Smile page, or contact the church office.

01332 322655


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More Information about LoveDerby

For more information about LoveDerby please contact the church office.

01332 322655


If you are looking for lovederby.com and things to do in and around the city then please visit the website. lovederby.com

More Information

For more information about LoveDerby please contact the church office.

01332 322655

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