What to expect

Doing new things for the first time can be quite daunting. Even when you try something for the first time in a while, you can feel a bit apprehensive!

For many, visiting a church, can feel like this! We try to make our Sunday meetings as welcoming and understandable as we can. We hope you find the following information useful!

What does a Sunday meeting look like?


Our Sundays look a little different for us at the moment. We currently meet Outdoors to find out more about this and how to book in click here . Jubilee Outdoors start at 10.30am and finish by around 11.30am. After a short welcome, we usually kick off with a time of singing songs of worship led by a band (or sometimes just a single musician). Following a short break for notices, we have some Bible teaching from someone in our church family, usually one of our leaders or another member of our preaching team. On occasion we also have the privilege of welcoming guest speakers.

You’ll find that the style of worship is quite informal, and people in the church contribute freely by reading from the Bible, praying, or bringing a word of encouragement.

You are very free to stand, sit, kneel; to take part or to simply observe. Please join us in singing if you know the words. To help you, you’ll find we have a song book which you can download to your mobile device.

Once a term we have an extended time of singing songs of worship, followed by communion and the opportunity to receive prayer.

Am I expected to give money?


It is important to us that guests do not feel under pressure to give anything. What's of primary importance to us is that you connect with Jesus! All of our giving is in response to him and part of our worship. During the service, members of the church will have an opportunity to give money into a general offering for the church (though many do this via standing orders or other online means), but if you are new to church, please do not feel obliged do this – this is for people who call Jubilee their home church. Sometimes we also take offerings for other initiatives, projects or to bless other ministries we are connected with in the UK or overseas. At the moment we aren't collecting cash offerings to minimise transmission of COVID-19. Find out more

Do you take communion?


We take communion roughly once a month, usually following a message from the Bible. Generally we stand together and believers will take bread and wine to celebrate what Jesus has done for us in his death and resurrection. In response to the message that has been brought, we will then often stand together and have another short time of singing songs of worship, usually following this there will be an opportunity to be prayed for which is open to all.

What style of message is communicated?


Here at Jubilee we tend to work through a series of messages that follow a book in the Bible or a particular theme. These messages usually last between 20-25 minutes. You can visit our media section to listen and download past messages. Every Sunday we seek to communicate the Word of God in a way that is both practical and relevant to our daily lives.

Can I receive prayer?

If you would like to be prayed for, for any concern or illness you may have, there will be people available at the end of the meeting who will be very happy to pray with you. If you would like someone to pray for you today please contact our church office: info@jubilee.org.uk

What happens after the service?


Because we are currently meeting outdoors and because of limitations on places of worship we are currently not serving refreshments after our services. We are encouraging people to gather in the park opposite our current venue (Ridgeway Infant School) for a picnic following our meeting. If you would like to join others for a picnic please bring your food with you and follow directions after the meeting.

Welcome booklets & keeping in touch

On arrival you currently need to sign in with our welcome team. We aren't handing out any resources at the moment but we'd love you to find more information about Jubilee. You can download a little info booklet here. We'd love to keep in touch with you if you would like that! So why not fill out our online contact card. Keep in Touch.

Activities for children & youth

Our provision for Children & Young People is different at the moment. Find out more


Our accessibility options are different at the moment. At our Outdoors venue there is no parking available on site but there is plenty of room to park in surround roads. We're pleased to confirm that there is step free access to the site and to the sports field which is grassy with a slight slope. Please note that there is a raised threshold on the door which leads into the toilet facilities.

If you would like to discuss your access requirements with us, we'd be really pleased to hear from you, please contact the church office.

Additional Needs

Jubilee has a passion to support families, parents & carers and believe that this is a vital part of who we are as a church family. We want everyone to feel valued, accepted, welcomed and cared for! An important aspect of this is support for parents & carers with children who have additional needs. To find out more click here.

Can someone show me around?

Would you like to come to join us but don’t want to come by yourself? Or do you just want someone to show you around? Then we can provide someone to help, contact: welcome@jubilee.org.uk.

What kind of people attend?

People from every background imaginable attend Jubilee, we accept people wherever they are in life, so our Church is filled with people just like you!

What should I wear?

Come as you are! The dress ranges from casual to professional. For our outdoor gatherings please bring clothing appropriate for the weather and a chair or picnic blanket to sit on.

What kind of music can I expect?

With a wide variety of contemporary praise and worship, our Sunday mornings are an upbeat time of celebration and reflection.

Do I have to be a member to come?

All are welcome, but if you would like more information regarding membership or want to be involved in serving then please contact: info@jubilee.org.uk.

What kind of church are you?

Jubilee Church is a bible focused, charismatic church, based in Derby, in the UK. We are a ChristCentral church, part of the Newfrontiers family of churches. Our vision is to build a large vibrant City Church that gathers centrally on a Sunday and has small groups meeting in and impacting local communities all across the City. Find out more

Where do our meetings take place?

Jubilee Outdoors will take place every Sunday at the new time of 10.30am at Ridgeway Infant School, Uplands Avenue, Littleover. Find out more
We also have an assortment of other meetings, including our small groups, which meet weekly online, as well as our church wide prayer meetings which take place monthly.

What if I have more questions?

You can always email us at info@jubilee.org.uk or alternatively contact the church office and ask for David who will be more than happy to try and answer them!

Jubilee Church is a ChristCentral church, part of Newfrontiers, a member of the Evangelical Alliance and a registered charity, no. 1097142.

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