Prophetic Art

As Christians we worship a creative God who wants to communicate with us all. Often during our meetings people bring pictures, which are described only in words. Prophetic / Creative Art brings these words as pictures (sometimes including words), to make it easier to understand and remember what God has said. These pictures have brought healing, encouragement and wholeness to people.

Prophetic Art is a work which reveals God's heart for someone, in a visual way. The genre of the art is not necessarily important, it could be oil, watercolour, pencil, pastels, ink, crayons, even clay, photographs, fabric, metal or a multimedia collage. The main aspect of Prophetic Art is that it demonstrates God's heart for the person or all those receiving the picture.

It is also different from Biblical or Christian art. Biblical art in general, depicts stories or people from the Bible (which can be beautiful or inspirational, they can bring understanding or appreciation of what the text is saying). Likewise, Christian art can bring general encouragement, but by its nature is generic and not specific to a person or a church situation.

We need both, but Prophetic Art is in reality similar to a Prophetic Word in that it is seen as a "now word" from God. It is something which speaks into someones life right now, it often comes with a sense of immediacy or urgency. Sometimes the difference between Christian and Prophetic Art can be difficult to define, but the latter by its nature being from God for a particular situation will always produce fruit in people's lives.

An example of Prophetic Art: - the following picture was given to someone who was going to Cambodia and was apprehensive about the trip: example God ’s word was that they had treasure here in Britain and that they would find treasure in Cambodia. This reassured the person and they came back full of all they had gained from going to Cambodia. This picture had spoken into their situation.

As with any other form of prophecy there is a responsibility to test and assess whether what has been shared is something that fits or is in line with scripture and speaks of God's heart for his people or an individual.

The aim of this page is to display some of the prophetic art which is produced at Jubilee by different people from our church family.

A Recent Prophetic Art Picture

Below is a copy of one of John's latest prophetic paintings (The Lion’s roar over Europe). Both John & Val feel this is significant for Europe and in particular Germany, Holland and France.

This came while at a Global Legacy meeting in January. Like many, we believe that Father is about to do something very significant in Northern Europe, which will then spread across Europe and beyond. We consider that the first wave is coming soon. The Lion of Judah is about to roar over Europe!”

A Recent Testimony - RootID Service

On Sunday 27 November we had a youth service at Jubilee Church, which was lead by RootID (the young people and their leaders). Prior to this service we had helped them prepare 28 prophetic pictures, which were then distributed at random under peoples seats before the service started.

During the service the congregation was asked to look under there seats to see if they had a picture / word from God. Later in the service three people came forward to share what they had received. They were all encouraging and up lifting stories. Some of the others who had received pictures and words came forward after the service for prayer.

One story was from a lady who during her prayer times had felt God was calling her to a new venture with Him. She had the following picture. example The words were “God wants you to walk on the water. To do this you need to trust Him in this venture. Then you will find you are walking on water!”

God is always wanting to encourage and develop our relationship with Him, so it goes deeper and deeper into His Love for us.

If you are reading this and thinking that sounds great. Then why not step out with God and do it in your church.


  • 1. To encourage those within our own church family.
  • 2. To encourage all who visit this page & find God speaking to them through this art as well.
  • 3. To encourage other churches & artists to join us in this exciting creative area of prophetic ministry.

If you would like to contact our prophetic art team leaders you can email John & Val:

Why not come and join us on our facebook group?

Recent Prophetic Art images

Below you can find some of the most recent pictures which have been created, some of these will have been shared during one of our meetings.

If any of these pictures speak to you and you would like to discuss further with someone or would like prayer then please contact:

A work of art which reveals God's heart

A visual way of revealing God's heart for a person

To encourage, equip & build up

Prophetic Art is similar to a prophetic word - a "now word" from God, which speaks into a persons life.

We're really excited about serving the church in this area of ministry & creativity which is so often overlooked.

Graham Pyman

It's so exciting to hear how much the words and pictures that have been shared with others have impacted people and encouraged their faith. Some have even been shared in other local churches to encourage others!

John Blundell

Recent Prophetic Art Pictures

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