David Ash
Our New Logo

The really observant amongst you will notice that not only have we updated our website but we’ve also updated our logo.

The design team from Visual Advance have helped us progress our logo through the last 3 stages of development. In reality the most recent version is simply a progression in development, taking more modern design cues but updating the simple lettering concept (you can see the progression below).

Award Winning
Our previous logo design has been featured on at least two top ten log lists been 2008-2012 (Owen Jones & Church Relevance) and is featured in the book "Whos Running Your Church?" by Jennifer Wainwright, as an example of good design!

What others have said
Owen Jones commented: “I love the style of the Jubilee logo. The handcrafted feel of the flowing modern type encapsulates a feeling of freedom and jubilance without resorting to childlike scrawling or stuffy, formal scripts. Appropriately positioned and well produced.

Jennifer Wainwright comments in her book: "Great choice of font, great colour, selection, Jubilee… happy… Just looking at this font makes me smile".

We hope you like the updated version and that it garners similar attention, we feel it gives us more usability, flexibility and that it is visually striking.

You’ll find us beginning to phase out the 2012 version as we update our publicity over the next few months, so if you want some award winning publicity grab it while you still can! 





Our New Logo