David Ash
Album Review - Hungry


Vineyard UK
Release Date: May 2001

This is a classic Vineyard UK album, the title track is one which is still often used in times of worship and talks of intimacy with God and offering our all to Him. Other songs which were incredibly popular at the time were There's No One Like Our God, Be The Centre, and Breathe. This album is full of songs which can be used both in public and private.

This album captures you when listening to it. The vocals are outstanding and you immediately feel you are in the presence of God. There are upbeat songs like All creation and those that literally do stop you in your tracks, making you have to sing along. Although the songs are catchy and engaging they are also timeless and you certainly will not relegate this album to the back of your cupboard. The title song, hungry, child of God and Be the centre are simple but amazing songs that you will find yourself singing at all times and in all places, so be warned!

Worship' music seems to have been dominated by the 'Matt Redman' sound with other artists such as Tim Hughes, Paul Oakley and countless others seeming to adopt a similar style and formula. The structure and rhyming seems to need to stick to this style. How refreshing that the Vineyard UK has graced the christian music scene. I own the majority of the vineyard releases: Hungry; Surrender; Come Now Is The Time; Doing The Stuff; Holy. Hungry is lyrically, musically and spiritually superb. Wide variety allows for different worship experience and through time many of the songs present on this album have become seminal worship anthems. 'Hungry', 'Breathe', 'Be The Centre' are among some that have spread through most and every variety of church. This is an absolute worship classic and a must own by any one who loves to worship God!! Songs on these albums have brought me to tears, stirred up my soul, made me want to shout, sing, meditate. You name it! I most highly recommend this and indeed 'Surrender' and 'Doing The Stuff' as three of the most amazing worship albums available on the market.

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