David Ash
Album Review - Newday Worship

In place of our usual Album Review this week I thought you might like to hear some of the new music coming out of newday - the Newfrontiers youth event that takes place every summer. 

Each year newday releases a worship album recorded live at the event. Its a mixture of new songs written by the worship leaders and songs by other leaders which are often very well known. 

Last year they also released the album studio album "Homegrown" which was a re-imaging of a number of classic newday songs. 

This year in the run up to the event they've released a number of demo versions of songs which will feature at this years event. 

Again these are a mixture of praise & worship songs (Provider, Cross of Christ) as well as a number of anthemic new songs (Dance All Day & Your Kingdom). Many have include electronica, which is becoming popular at newday rather than the more traditional guitar led style of music. 

Favourites of these demos are probably Provider, I Believe & Alive With Worship

I for one can't wait to hear what the team come up with for this years live album - the feeling is Alive With Worship will probably be this years stand out track - you get a sense that with over 6,000 young people singing this together something of the atmosphere of this excellent event will be captured.

You can listen to more here: