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Album Review - We Will Not Be Shaken

We Will Not Be Shaken
We Shall Not Be Shaken
Bethel Music
Release Date: March 2015

We heard about this album via facebook and videos of the song No Longer Slaves. The songs We Shall Not Be Shaken and No Longer Slaves have become really been important to us in recent months. This once again is an excellent album from Bethel. The musicality and lyrical content is matched by the sense of the presence of God upon the songs.

This is fairly gentle album with not much in the way of upbeat songs. However the songs that are there are really good. The backdrop for the video (shot on the side of a mountain) looks amazing. Favorite songs for me are No Longer Slaves (Love the female vocal at the end) and We Will Not Be Shaken.

I love this CD. Full with wonderful live music to help lead you in your time of worship. My favourite song is, No Longer Slaves, by Jonathan David and Melissa Helser. The only song on the album I wasn't quite sure of was, You Are My One Thing. The quality of the recording is excellent, and very happy with my purchase.

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