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Jubilee Newsletter - November 2023

Christmas at JubileeChristmas at Jubilee
We're really looking forward to gathering as a church over the Christmas period and wanted to give you some more information about plans for next month. The two major events which are taking place are as follows:

Christmas Carols - 17th December 2023 - 6pm - QUAD
Family Christmas Celebration - 24th December 2023 - 10am - QUAD

You can find out more about our plans here.

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Christmas CarolsChristmas Carols
17th December 2023 - 6pm at QUAD
Join us at QUAD for our Christmas Carols event. There will be traditional carols, a retelling of the Christmas story and refreshments. More details are on our website:

Why not begin thinking about who you could invite...

Please note this is in place of our usual morning celebration!

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Family ChristmasFamily Christmas
24 December 2023 - 10am at QUAD

This family friendly Christmas celebration will be packed full of fun, games and christmas songs both ancient and modern.

We'll celebrate together the birth of Jesus and all that this means for us. There will be prizes, sketches and a short talk about Christmas - there may even be an appearance from our puppets!

Excellent for all the family!


Worship & PrayerWorship & Prayer Evening
Wednesday 8th November 2023

We’re looking forward to hosting our next Jubilee worship & prayer evening.

Come and join us as we worship, pray and seek God. Usually we'll start with a time of worship and go on to pray about various aspects of church life.

These evenings take place at All Saints Church Centre in Mickleover, we hope you can make the next one!

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MembershipJoining Jubilee
15th & 29th November 2023

Have you thought about becoming a member of Jubilee? Do you have questions about what this would mean? If so we’d love to invite you to spend a couple of evenings exploring what it means to be a member. To book your place email:


Jubilee Mens AfternoonJubilee Men's Afternoon
Saturday 11th November - 2pm
Join us near Calke Abbey for a walk and post ramble pizza and pint. We'll meet at The Milking Parlour at 2pm for a Derbyshire walk and then return back to the Barn for a pizza and a drink.

More details here...

Christmas MovieLadies Christmas Movie Night
Friday 8th December 2023 - 7.30pm
Enjoy an evening of Christmas festivities, hot chocolates, treats and a christmas film. You can even wear your christmas jumpers, comfy clothes and brings socks / slippers with you!

More details here...

ChemnitzChemnitz Prayer Weekend
Bete für Chemnitz

Hopefully you've heard by now that Markus & Leah are hosting a prayer weekend in Chemnitz for the church they are planting there. This will be taking place between 17-19th November 2023, it would be great if you could support them!

More details are available on the news feed of our website here.

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Carol SingingCarol Singing at Derbion
Saturday 9th December - 11am - 2pm
This Christmas we'll be singing carols in Derbion on Saturday 9th December 2023, between 11am and 2pm. We'll be making the most of this opportunity to share the good news of Christmas and invite people to join us at our Christmas Carols event at QUAD.

If you are able to join us in singing or help us invite, please sign up now!

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Invites Christmas
Christmas Service Invites
How can I invite someone to a Christmas service? People love an invitation! Knowing someone has gone out of their way and made a point of inviting us makes us feel special, cared for and in community.

However, that doesn't mean it's always easy inviting people to things; it takes a bit of courage and intentionality.

We've put together two articles to help you, "5 Ways To Invite People" and "Christmas Service Invite Tips". So begin thinking about who you can invite and work out the best way to do it!

Radical Hospitality
Radical Hospitality
Back in June we looked at the subject of 'Radical Hospitality'. Unfortunately the first part of the series didn't record, so we re-recorded it this week!

Hospitality is such an important value for us as a church and has been part of our DNA since the very beginning. The thing is, have we got out of practice? 

Whilst lockdowns are thankfully a thing of the past, perhaps we haven't completely forgotten our lockdown lifestyle.

In this series we look at what the Bible has to say about Hospitality, how this should affect us as individuals and what the implications might be for us as a local church community.

You can watch & listen to the full series here and on our media page.