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Baptism in Water is something which follows belief in Jesus Christ (Mark 16:15-16 & Acts 8:12-13). In fact Jesus commanded that those who followed him should be baptised and so Baptism demonstrates that as Christians, Jesus is Lord in our lives (Matt 28:18-20). 

The context for Baptism shown in the NT is that it is for believers and that it could take place immediately on response to hearing what Jesus has done for us. (Matt 28:19; Acts 2:41 & Acts 16:32-34). 

The Greek word used in the Bible is: βαπτισο (baptiz┼Ź) which means “to immerse / drown / sink.” It was used to talk of dyeing clothes in a liquid or the sinking of ships. So it stands to reason that Baptism would be one of full immersion rather than simply sprinkling water. 

Have you been baptised?
If you are a Christian and have not been baptised yet, would you like to be?

If you would like to be Baptised or to talk to someone about Baptism please contact the church office: info@jubilee.org.uk or 03000 110 121

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