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Book Review - Start

Start By Terry Virgo
You've made a start in the Christian Life - where to now?
Should I be baptised? What about the Bible? Why is prayer Important? Who is the Holy Spirit? Whether you are a new Christian, or someone who simply wants to make a fresh start by getting back to the basics of your faith, you may be asking questions like these.

To help find answers Terry Virgo presents 31 interactive studies so that you can build a firm foundation for your faith and future. This book is drawn from Terry's own resource of practical and biblical insights, together with material from Michael Eaton, R.T. Kendall, C.J. Mahaney, Larry Tomczak and Joseph C. Wongsak.

About The Author
Until recently Terry Virgo was based in Brighton where he founded Church of Christ the King, which became his home base. He also founded a family of churches called Newfrontiers (the family of churches which we belong too!), which began in the South East of England but now extends right across the UK and indeed is represented on every continent across the world with approximately 1000 churches worldwide and around 300 churches in the UK.

He hosted the annual Stoneleigh Bible Week, which gathered many thousands for an annual conference and was subsequently followed by Together on a Mission, an annual Leaders conference held at the Brighton Centre each year. This conference drew thousands of leaders from around the world.

Three years ago Terry handed over the leadership of Newfrontiers to a group of men who travel across the nations and his son Joel now leads the church in Brighton. Terry has written a number of books including “God’s Lavish Grace” and “The Spirit-Filled Church”. His autobiography “No Well Worn Paths” has been a popular history of God’s moving in local church life in the UK and further afield.

Having handed on the leadership of Newfrontiers Terry now travels internationally speaking at Conferences and groups of church leaders.

Terry is married to Wendy and they have 5 married children.

This interactive study is so helpful in providing an excellent foundation for growth as a follower of Christ. The outstanding contributors to this study such as C.J. Mahaney, R.T. Kendall and Terry Virgo among others demonstrates the great quality of this study guide. "Start" is an excellent personal study guide but will really shine as a tool for churches and small group study. Particularly helpful for newer believers and for those christians that are wanting to strengthen spiritual foundations and grow in their life walk with Jesus. - John Lanferman - Newfrontiers USA

This book is a great discipleship resource. It's format is easy to use with each chapter covering a topic with relevant scriptures and great study questions. Anyone who is involved in discipleship would find this book to be helpful. - R Barnes

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