Graham Pyman
Speaking Life - Fresh Batteries

As Paul was sharing, I felt God give me a couple of pictures to perhaps help us land what he was sharing. I feel that God wants to do something to build on that and as Paul was talking about God writing on our hearts and giving us a message to bring there was a sense of God giving some of you afresh this morning a new pen. It's like he was giving you a new pen in order that you then get to write what God is doing. You then get to write almost like, (I'm not suggesting you do this literally), but almost like you get to write on others that which God is doing, that which you can see in them, that which you can call to life in them. I feel for some of you God is giving you a pen to do that this morning and that he wants to put something in you where you write on others and you call to life in other people that which you see God is doing in them.

I also saw a picture of someone changing some batteries and it's like for some of you this morning, I felt that as we worship and as we encounter God afresh, it's like He's putting new batteries in you. For some of you, you get a sense that it's just been hard going. You've been tired, you know what God has called you to but there's a sense of just tiredness with it. I felt this morning God was coming to you and it was like he was changing batteries. He was putting fresh power in you, there's fresh batteries going in!

I sense that God would this morning as you worship Him, as you encounter Him afresh, as you praise Him, there's a sense of God coming to you and putting fresh power in you for that which He's called you to.

It wasn't that you weren't sure what God is calling you to. You know what it is, there's just a sense of tiredness and weariness, and maybe there's something of even exhaustion with it! It's just been hard and I felt this morning God was coming to you as well and putting fresh batteries in.

So, listen if that's you, if in either of those things, you feel God speaking to you about being able to call out from others that which you see him doing, why don't you just raise your hand? Where you are and if that's you this morning and you're thinking, I just need a battery change, I just need some fresh power from on high, I need some fresh power from you God. Just raise your hand where you are as well.

Friends as the band play and Naomi will lead us in another song in a moment, but just look around you. If someone is near you with their hand raised, can you go to them real quick now and just bless what God is doing? There is not a long time for a long discussion, it's just Lord bless what you're doing. That's what you need to say.

Graham’s Prayer
Lord, bless what you're doing, Lord let there be fresh power coming this morning, let there be fresh awareness of what you're doing in the lives of others. Awareness of those that you're going to see tomorrow, those that God has put you amongst maybe in your workplace, maybe those that you live amongst. I feel that God’s going to speak words of life that you're going to bring over people and bring to people tomorrow.

Some of you God’s giving you fresh power now. Lord, I want to pray for fresh power to come in Jesus name because you'll be changing batteries this morning. I want to pray that Jesus you would come and Father, that there’ll be fresh power coming in Jesus name. Lord, for every situation, every call, upon every life, God, let there be fresh power coming afresh even now, as we look to you. But it's not to stay in this room, it's to go out. Come, Holy Spirit, let that power come afresh Lord, every situation, every circumstance every workplace, every challenge. Let your power come Lord! Come Holy Spirit, come oh God, thank you Lord. Thank you Lord. Thank you come Lord Jesus. Come Lord Jesus. Come oh God, let your let your power come afresh.

I feel for some of you God wants to change your batteries from like tiny AA sized ones to those big chunky ones with some more power in. Like there is an upgrade of power coming to you. It's not like this little size anymore, but it's like God wants to put some larger batteries in you for what he's called you to. For some of you, I feel like there's some fresh opportunities ahead of you and you're it’s like you’ve been saying to God, “but I can't do it, Lord. I can't step into that, I don't have enough of you, I don't have enough understanding or whatever it might be”. I sense God would say to you that he's changing your batteries, they're larger, they're more powerful, they can achieve more for him. So come Lord. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, father.

Let your power come afresh, not to stay in this room, but to go! Not to be contained in these four walls but to be on mission with the Lord on adventure with God. Come Holy Spirit. Thank you Lord, thank you, Jesus, more of you Lord, more of you.

You know bigger batteries can hold more power, power a brighter light, last for longer, go further. So that’s what God wants to do with some of you this morning.

Thank you, Jesus. Yes we look to you Lord. Lord, we look to you because you provide all that we need. You write on our hearts, what you're doing. Testimonies of your Grace, your work in our lives and God you speak to us about calling it out of other people, destiny in you. Let us see it, Lord, then, Lord, will you fill us with the spirit, the power of God, the same power that raised Jesus from the dead at work in each of us this morning so let your power come Lord afresh, in Jesus name. Thank you. Thank you.