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Album Review - Greater Things

Greater ThingsGod of This City
Greater Things

Release Date: September 2007

I bought this album in South Africa whilst I was there during a Christmas break during my time in Zimbabwe. The "God of this City" track had already been made popular by Chris Tomlin but the original version, on this album, has more lyrical content and a much more intense keys section at various points making this version far superior. The album is very raw and fast paced in places, but also has some wonderful worship tracks!

What I love about the album is that it sounds like the singers are from Northern Ireland (which they are!). A lot of worship music coming out of the UK seems to have a very American English tinge to it, which although isn't necessarily a massive issue, its refreshing to hear a band not ironing off the edges of their accents to be more "accepted" by the main stream.

There are some great tracks on this album, some of my favourites: God of this City, Life's Noise, For You & When I Survey

This is a fantastic album and really a must have. Life's Noise the opening track starts with the noise of the world and breaking through comes God's word and God's noise. This song builds into a highly energized guitar based track, but still with a lot of substance to it. My particular favourite track of the album is 'For You' which starts slowly only to explode into life, a truly exceptional song. God Of This City, the words of which were inspired while on a trip to Thailand; is a very real song. It has gained much popularity since it was covered by Chris Tomlin, the words in the song are such that, it can relate to all people, all cultures and ages. Also included is a rendition of 'When I Survey (the wondrous cross)' that brings new life to this old hymn. Other softer and more contemplative songs like 'Who Has Held' and 'River' add immensely to the album. This album is also well worth buying simply for the length of the songs with five over 6mins long. Other touches like a 2minute piano solo at the end of 'God Of This City' make the album quite unique. Great job lads!

This album feels quite fresh in a time where music can often sound over=produced and formulated. Especially worship music. If you're looking for some great God-centered music that doesn't sound typical or packaged, this is for you. Bluetree breaks that mold from the first track. Eclectic noises of "Life's noise" with some scripture (whoa, Scripture!) to lead to the first song, which is a powerful song describing how God speaks in the stillness in Isaiah.

Bluetree has a distinctly enjoyable sound. Hailing from Belfast, Northern Ireland, this worship band shows great depth and diversity from The song they are known best for, the title track made famous by Chris Tomlin, "God of this City", to the more upbeat "God's Plan", to the quite reflective and powerful "When I Survey".

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