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Album Review - Everything In Colour

Everything In Colour
Everything in Colour
Ben Cantelon
Release Date: Aug 2012

I heard this album for the first time at a friends house, wouldn't have thought of buying it myself but really enjoyed the album. Some excellent tracks which have become quite popular on Sunday mornings, the title track is excellent as is "A New Day", some of my highlights at least.

Reviews & Background
This is the third release from Canadian worship leader Ben Cantelon, and Everything In Colour is his strongest album yet. Produced by Jason Ingram (Chris Tomlin, One Sonic Society), the full-length album features songs that have already stirred up the underground - like 'Saviour Of The World', 'A New Day' and a brand new recording of already established worship song 'Love Came Down'. The album features songs written with Mia Fieldes (Hillsong), Jason Ingram, and Stu G, and the album fuses great production with a raw sense of corporate worship. Having started out as Worship Director at Soul Survivor Ben is now based at Holy Trinity Brompton, where he is a key worship leader for Worship Central.

Its a great mix of different styled songs for worship. I usually buy a CD because I like one of the songs, but pretty soon I was enjoying more and more. Its worth it.

Love this album - it's got a good biblical basis, lovely music, and really reminded me a lot of God's goodness through the months that I've been listening to it. Thoroughly recommended!

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