Jubilee News
Children's Church in Preah Neth Preah

As part of Graham's message on Sunday he talked about the various ways in which we as a church feel God calling us to kingdom mission. Part of our vision as a church is to reach nations and this is just as much part of who we are as some of the more obvious aspects of our mission for example reaching and impacting our local communities in Derby, Burton & further afield.

In fact in November 2006, Graham received a prophetic word: "Jubilee will touch nations from poor to rich (towns to cities)".

Following this word we were open to various opportunities which might come our way. As part of this we began partnering with Kings Church Darlington and Mike Sprenger in the work he & Kay were doing into Cambodia. Graham has now visited Cambodia twice alongside Mike & Kay to serve the churches working with Setan Lee, he has visited various churches and taught at their pastors conference.

Following Graham's first visit to Cambodia, he asked Setan Lee, what (apart from the training & teaching support that Graham was providing), we could do as a local church, to help support churches in Cambodia? He mentioned that there was a church in need of a children's work building.

The church in Preah Neth Preah (see map), led by Pastor Vong Vang, were in need of a building to house their growing children's work. So on the 15th June 2014 we took up a special offering for a variety of things including the children's work building. The building itself would cost around US$6,500 which is around £4,000.

The money we raised was transferred to Transform Asia in Cambodia and used by the church in Preah Neth Preah to build the church building. This was completed earlier this year! When the building was completed we received full receipts to account for all the money which was spent by the team in Cambodia. It is so wonderful to be able to partner with people in other nations and be able to provide facilities which will bless them going forward. It is also wonderful to see excellence in administration where all work and expenses have been clearly accounted for!

Please see below a number of photos taken of the building which was built with the money which we sent to Cambodia.