Jubilee News
Back In The Room

In May 2022 we be launched a series looking at the theme 'Back In The Room'. We asked:
* What does it mean to be back in the room?
* Will it be any different after COVID?
* Are we just going back to ‘same old’ or does God have something more for us in this season?
* What does it mean to be the gathered people of God? What gifts should be evident? How can we be disciples of Jesus today?
* What does it mean to be a church family on mission together?
* How can we be full of the Spirit?

This series looked at all sorts of questions, questions about our foundations, questions about our vision for the future. Questions like: 'what should Jubilee Church look like in the years ahead?'

It’s was a challenging series but we believe that God wants to build a church family which impacts our city, our nation and the nations. To do that we believe God is calling us to grow, to rebuild and to restore. So join us as we grapple with what it means to be the people of God!

Watch & Listen Back
You can watch and listen to the whole series below. 

In our next series (launching in September) we will be looking at the Gospel of Mark. Watch the promo below: