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Book Review - Fathering Leaders, Motivating Mission

Fathering Leaders, Motivating Mission
Fathering Leaders, Motivating Mission by David Devenish
A unique book addressing the biblical requirement for apostles and their role in shaping todays church in fathering leaders and motivating mission. One of the sad factors of church life is that many pastors are lonely and their heart cry is for a fathering style of relationship, where they can be cared for pastorally, as well as mentored in the development of gifts and practical skills for their ministry.

Greg Haslam, Senior Pastor, Westminster Chapel, London
Of the 5-fold ministries listed in Ephesians 4 that Christ donates to his church today, "apostles" are the least understood and most controversial. This scintillating book is far and away the most practical, persuasive, and thorough work on NT apostleship I've ever read. David Devenish has rediscovered this all but forgotten ministry, once encrusted with obsolescence, debris, confusion and contempt, then re-cut and polised it so that every facet can be seen in its pristine beauty. The result is a rich array of biblical insight, extraordinary wisdom, assessable scholarship, and first-hand testimony from a veteran and bold missionary church-planter in many of the world's toughest locations. He demolishes the myths, abuses and exaggerated claims often associated with this role, then presents irrefutable reasons why it must be restored and deployed again. Those who long for effective leaders, Gospel mission and healthy churches everywhere, should grab this brilliant book'

Bob Roberts Jr, Senior Pastor, Northwood Church, Dallas
I couldn't out down Fathering Leaders, Motivating Mission. It is an incredible and solid book - it isn't lightweight theologically, biblically or practically. There is nothing I have read that comes close to it in explanation and application. So much of what is written on this today is anecdotal, fluff or not biblically based. David's book will become a standard read for those exploring or curious about apostolic ministry. This book is a real gift to the church today.

Adrian Warnock, Author of Raise with Christ
When Paul says there are not many fathers, I don't believe he was making a complaint, but was describing a reality. There have never been many true fathers in the faith. But those rare gifts that God gives to the church to raise up, send out and care for other leaders are vital. It is crucial that we learn how to recognise them and receive their input. This book will therefore be of great benefit to church leaders who know they need some kind of help from outside their local church, to apostolic teams and to anyone who wants to understand a different way for churches to relate together.
David Devenish skilfully portrays an alternative to both rigid denominational structures and rugged individualism. Learn from the wisdom of a key leader within Newfrontiers who has dared to believe that the New Testament model of how to plant and lead churches can and should be followed today. Full of pratical wisdom this book could leave you hungry for true apostolic Christianity and dissatisfied with modern pale imitations.

David Devenish has not restricted himself to going along with popular opinion on the subject of apostles. Instead, he has based his teaching squarely on the biblical pattern and expounded on it with refreshing clarity. His real life experience was an added touch illustrating this fathering gift in action today. I particularly enjoyed the chapters dealing with the essentials of apostolic and prophetic foundations. Oh how our churches and the nations would benefit from relating to the proper relationship of Apostles as Fathering Leaders.

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