Jubilee News
Ebola Newsletter

Earlier in the year we reported on the plight of churches in West Africa which were affected by the Ebola Epidemic. Please find below a newsletter which gives updates and information about the situation now and how money which was rased was used to help churches in this region. 

Much of this newsletter was written by local church leaders to enable them to pass on their thanks for the support they received from across the Newfrontiers family of churches. 

With thanks to John Hammond who made this newsletter available to us!

“I was so encouraged by the magnificent response to our appeal on behalf of the nations affected by the tragedy of the ebola epidemic. Our pastors in these nations who are often responsible not only for their own churches but for people in the community around who look to them for help. Because of your generosity, our pastors were able to meet many of these needs and lay a good foundation for rebuilding these communities, demonstrating the Kingdom of God at work through the church. Thank you all once again."
David Devenish - Catalyst & Newfrontiers