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Album Review - Anam Cara (Soulmate)

Anam Cara (Soulmate) - The White Goose
Anam Cara
By The White Goose
Released: 2014

The White Goose (or The White Goose Posse) are a collective of individuals who want to help the church. They are passionate about mission and pray that God will really move people through their music. Their debut album ‘Anam Cara’, released by Authentic Media, features tracks full of honesty, openness and passion. With a distinctive Irish drive ‘Anam Cara’ (meaning soulmate) is an album that has a really fresh sound.

I really love the progression in the song Hold On and although I don't yet own this album its definitely on my wish list!

In their own words
We are endeavouring in this journey of music making to embrace the mistakes transformed into art and expression. Our passion is to see lives touched, valued and inspired.

The band and its extended community are a traveling posse of sorts who share the grace and love of Jesus Christ. A phrase often said among us is, "Don't be good, be God's." (Davy Hutton)



Why the White Goose Posse?
Celtic Christianity (420 AD) was relevant, relational, and present in the very tapestry of life around them.

The symbol of the wild goose referred to a Holy Spirit which was unpredictable, nurturing, beautiful, untamed and not easily cornered.

The wild goose was usually depicted as white, hence the "White Goose Posse".

Their Christianity was evidenced by their lives, which is what we strive to do and be.

Their approach was one of “follow our example” rather than “do as I tell you”. St. Francis of Assisi summed up this Celtic approach in the following paraphrase, "Go and spread the grace story of Jesus Christ, and if all else fails, use words."

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