David Ash
The Four Points

THE4POINTS are a way for Christians to share about what their faith means in a simple overview of the gospel. This means that we can share the main tenants of the gospel in a simple way which prevents an incomplete gospel message being shared.

They share wonderful truth of God’s love, tackles our need to accept our own sin and the consequences of it and then reveals the solution, God’s plan for salvation through the cross. Finally it shows everyone that they need to make a personal choice about following Jesus.

The tool is so versatile that it can be used to help start countless personal conversations as well as be used to shape talks at evangelistic events. It has been used as part of large evangelistic ministries from social action projects like MerseyFest to beach missions, youth events and open air events.

"THE4POINTS are a great way to start talking about Jesus with anyone who doesn't yet know Him yet. It's simple, easy to use, and proved itself really useful on the Merseyfest t-shirts as a conversation starter. I certainly give it the 'thumbs up' as a useful evangelistic tool for any age group or situation" Phil Pawley, Chairman of MerseyFest

The beauty of the symbols is that they lend themselves as conversation starters by being slightly cryptic, providing an opportunity to talk about what they mean. However, once explained, the meaning behind them is so simple that they can be easily remembered.

This means that they are versatile for use with children, young people and adults alike as you can add details depending on the age or experience of those you are talking to.

This is one great way in which Christians can share more about their faith in a simple way which is clear and meaningful.

You can watch Steve using THE4POINTS as part of his talk at our Easter Guest service which I've included below.

You can read more about THE4POINTS by visiting: the4points.com



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