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Album Review - Newday 2014

Newday Live 2014
Newday Live 2014
Various Artists
Release Date: Oct 2014

From huge electro dance anthems to simple melodies of love, songs of healing to songs of commission, Newday Live 2014 is the new sound of a rising generation. Featuring worship leaders Simon Brading, Jules Burt, Matt Redman, Sam & Becki Cox, Jorge Mhondera, Jordan Dillon and Sarah Benton, plus the roar of 7000 unrestrained worshippers, this is a live album with a difference; where ancient meets modern, urban electro meets intimate worship and words of depth meet anthems that fly. With each song written with the local church in mind, Newday Live 2014 captures the passion, energy and sound of a new generation rising up with a passion for Christ!

I love keeping up with the various albums which Newday release following the Newfrontiers youth event which now takes place in Norfolk over the summer. Its great to hear the new music & songs coming from this event. I've always enjoyed the energy and enthusiasm that comes through the songs they record during this event.

My favourites are probably The Rebuild / Brand New, Oceans & Gracious

Album Review
This is the latest live worship album from NewDay, the annual youth event for the NewFrontiers church movement. I am rapidly approaching my 40th birthday and yet I still look forward to NewDay's annual offering - and as usual the music is well produced and the lyrics full to the brim of the truth about the grace and glory of God demonstrated in Jesus Christ.

Although most of the album is the standard guitar "pop-rock" style that's the staple diet of most British charismatic churches, over recent years they've been trying to broaden their musical horizons, experimenting with different styles. This year I was particularly pleased to hear a couple of more "dancey" club-esque tunes; the first track "Call You Faithful" I thought was particularly good.

I don't buy many worship albums these days but I always look forward to NewDay's annual releases....and you don't need to be under the age of 20 either!

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