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Album Review - You Make Me Brave

You Make Me Brave
Release Date: May 2014

“You Make Me Brave” was a highly anticipated release from Bethel Music in 2014. Recorded live at Bethel Women’s Conference, the album debuts original songs as well as several beloved anthems revamped. Featuring worship leaders Jenn Johnson, Kari Jobe, Steffany Frizzell Gretzinger, Kristene DiMarco, Amanda Cook, Myriah Grubbs & Leah Valenzuela, the strength of this album lies not only in its songs but in spontaneous moments of worship that were captured. The accompanying film provides vibrant and powerful visuals that inspire the worship experience. For corporate or personal worship, “You Make Me Brave” sings a message of the courage, faith, and victory we find in Jesus.

I found this album so encouraging, especially the track It Is Well, which I found incredibly moving I especially love the opening verse of this song which says: "Grand earth has quaked before, moved by the sound of His voice, seas that are shaken and stirred, can be calmed and broken for my regard".

There is a real intimacy and power to these songs which is isn't unique to this album but the mix of this alongside excellently written songs and a wonderful sense of the congregation makes this album a favourite of new releases from 2014.

What others have said:
One of those rare moments when I find a CD that refreshes and inspires at a deep level. Beautifully crafted and thoughtful tracks throughout: thoroughly recommend this brilliant product from Bethel Music...

This amazing album has powerful women of worship leading one anointed song after another. The album is not rushed and captures many raw, sweet spontaneous moments where you can feel God's presence in the room.

Kari Jobe is the featured guest on this album and her version of "Forever" is stunning, and also includes epic spontaneous moments. The artist line up is amazing, with Amanda Cook, Jenn Johnson, Kari Jobe, Steffany Frizell-Gretzinger, Kristene Di Marco, and Leah Valenzuela. "You Make Me Brave" by Amanda Cook is the incredibly powerful title track that will be sung in churches for years. But "Shepherd" is an equally epic song by Amanda that I can't stop listening to. Jenn's version of "Come to Me", is brought to life in the live version. Steffany's song "We Dance" is a soft, sweet moment in the album where the lights go sown and it's just her, the grand and the strings. And Kristine Di Marco's new song is an anthemic hymn that leaves you on the floor face down. Wow. Amazing.

Overall we love this album because it's a worship journey from beginning to end, one incredible song after another. This one will be on repeat in our home for a long time.

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