Ella Quayle
Advent - Who God is - in between the lines

The Christmas season is almost upon us! And there is so much to look forward to during this time of the year with the Christmas music, decorations, stockings, smells, foods (lots of chocolate!), drinks, family & friend gatherings, Christmas parties, ugly Christmas jumpers, crisp cold air. 
Snow falling ion town

Yet amid the busyness and chaos of Christmas, it's good to stop, breathe and re-focus our gaze on the King (Psalm 46:10.). To ground ourselves in what truly matters during this season; celebrating God sending his beloved son Jesus as a baby, to ultimately restore our relationship with God and be the atonement for our sins (1 John 4:10)!

That's why for this Advent series, I thought it'll be good to look at a few different Christmas songs over the next couple of weeks and do a simple overview of God's characteristics through each piece.

For example: in O come o come Emmanuel, the word Emmanuel means God with us, which shows we are never alone, God is always with us, he is a God who never forsakes nor abandons.

I want to look at Christmas songs for this Advent series because I believe there is something so powerful when we sing and praise God with music. Amongst many other things, worshiping and praising God through the power of the Holy Spirit helps us to connect, re-focus our perspective, and draw us deeper into the knowledge and presence of who He is. The songs we will look at in the coming weeks; I think, hold significant attributes of God's character and will; I hope, encourage each of us during this season.
A woman with her hands up

Near the end of each blog, I’m planning to leave scriptures (based on the theme of the song) for people to meditate on for that week. I want to allow space for people to use their creativity to express through painting, drawing, poems, songs, music, or anything else; their reflections on the specific attributes of God we’ve focussed on.

picture of paint and brushes