Tim Hardman
Newday 2021 - Online

Newday 2020 was like no other, last year with all the chaos of COVID Newday went online only for the first time! There were four nights of live programming including worship, fun and games and great teaching. 

This year once again Newday was online only and there was a lot happening, prayer in the mornings on Instagram followed by two tough questions seminars hosted by Youth Culture. 

Then there was a pause until the evening when there was a 'pre-show' DJ set, followed by Newday TV and then Newday Concourse, with bands, worship and discussion. It was a thrilling event. 

Our own young people gathered together on the Friday evening to watch altogether on a big screen and have fun and games together. What a special week.

We can't wait for Newday 2022 which is taking place: Monday 1st August to Friday 5th August 2022.

The first meeting will be in the evening on Monday 1 August and the last meeting will be in the evening on Friday 5 August. Delegates have to leave the site by midday on Saturday 6 August.

We hope you enjoy catching up!