Tim Hardman
Newday 2021 - Join us to pray!

We'll be joining with 100s of others as we take part in Newday 'Stand as One' tonight 8pm on YouTube. 

We'll be praying for the new generation and asking God to move as young people gather from across the UK and around the world to take part in Newday 2021 online. Here's Tim talking about it:

Newday is back, live & online from Wednesday 28th to Friday 30th July 2021

8-9am - #NEWDAYPRAYS - on instagram
9-10am - Tough Questions Session 1 - with Youth Culture - YOUTUBE
10-11am - Tough Questions Session 2 - with Youth Culture - YOUTUBE


7-7.30pm - Pre-show DJ set - YOUTUBE
7.30-9pm - Newday TV Live - YOUTUBE
9-9.30pm - Newday Concourse (Wed - The Lounge, Thu - Late night worship, Fri - Rhythm Factory) - YOUTUBE