Jubilee News
Presence & Kingdom

This morning Graham spoke about the subjects "Presence" & "Kingdom".

He reminded us that we want to be a church that host and value the presence of God and that we seek to be led by the Holy Spirit in all that we do together. That through this we want to be a prophetic people and a people of his presence. We want our cry as a church to be like that of Moses: "Lord, if you're presence isn't with us we don't want to go!"

Graham also challenged us to be more active in using our spiritual gifts in all areas of our lives, especially during our day to day, whether that is at work, college or school. Learning to be prophetic in the work place by bringing encouragements & Godly wisdom in an accessible way for people.

He also spoke about Jesus' commission and that it was good news, especially to the poor & marginalised.

Kevin shared about Faith, Hope & Enterprise (read more here) and Graham reminded us about Smile (read more here). These are just two things we are involved with in our communities which which we do the banner "LoveDerby" as we seek to show God's love in a practical way to our community and extend the influence of God's kingdom in Derby.

Graham encouraged us that we can all do this, personally & in our LifeGroups (our small groups - read more here). He reminded us that it doesn't have to be a big organised event / club / charity for it to have impact and to bless people.

Graham closed by asking the following question:

In what way are you advancing the Kingdom of God and demonstrating it? 
* Personally?
* As a family?
* As a LifeGroup?

Why not listen to the full talk: