Transform Asia
Transform Asia Update - April 2021

We hope you had a wonderful time celebrating Easter and reflecting on all that God has done for us. This is my favorite time of year, remembering Christ's death and His resurrection that allow us to have a close relationship with God. And it's always a joy to exclaim, "He is risen! He is risen, indeed!"

We decided to send our April letter to you later this month because we wanted it to arrive when the Khmer New Year begins, which is Wednesday April 14 and goes until Friday the 16th. This year will be similar to last year with activities canceled. Cambodia is on their third lock down. Travel throughout the country is difficult, unless you have a letter from your employer or a doctor stating that you may leave your house to go beyond your community. Please be in prayer for all of Cambodia since it is so hard for them to be on their third lock down.

Another concern is that Setan's radio program is also halted until the lock-down is over. In the news it says it will only last two weeks, so hopefully by the end of next week the program will resume. Many testimonies coming from the listeners say how difficult the weekend is without hearing Setan's Gospel messages. We can not imagine how difficult two weeks of silence will be. Pray that Setan will find creative ways to engage with his community during this time. Also pray that listeners will find each other and lift each other up remembering the Good News that Setan would share Monday through Fridays.

It is also Ramadan, April 12-May 12, 2021. Please be in prayer for Muslims who are practicing this holiday throughout the world. Cambodia has a Muslim community of 240,000 people which is roughly 1.6% of the total population (this was from 2014). I am not sure how the community is impacted by the lock down, but I am sure it is great. Please pray that many will come to Christ. We have heard many miraculous stories of Jesus visiting people during this time in dreams and visions, and it would be exciting to hear these stories coming from Cambodia.

Thank you so much for your love and support of Setan and Randa, along with all of us at TransformAsia. We could not be doing what we are doing without you! May the Lord richly bless you in all that you do! May you always remember and rejoice that "He is risen!"

Randa is on a mission to help the older students at all of our centers earn a bicycle. This is will be their own bike, and they will learn how to be responsible for it's care and maintenance. Each bike will cost between $100 to $200. If this is something that interests you please let us know. Thank you!

Here are a few testimonies from Setan's last weeks on the radio program.
* A man in Phnom Penh called for prayer and advice. Both he and his wife are not Christians, yet have been faithfully listening to TLR for the last month. Just a few hours before they called the program, they both had a dozen beer in cans for dinner. While, they were enjoying their beer, this man said to his wife, “honey if Jesus gave us a winning prize of a car on the beer can, I will stop drinking beer and accept Him as my Lord and Savior because He is so good to us and many others in Cambodia.” Immediately thereafter that word was spoken, a neighbor walks by. This gentleman invited him to enjoy a can of beer with him and his wife. As soon as this man opened his can, it contained the winning number for an SUV Ford. The neighbor got up and walked away with the winning number by saying, it is his property because the beer was given to him by this couple. What this man was asking Setan to do is to give him advice and prayer. Setan said to this man that Jesus is a righteous judge, therefore, you just give this case to him in prayer without doubt, He will direct your paths to the right thing. Soon after Setan lifted up this issue into the Lord, the neighbor brought the winning number of the beer can’s ring and said, I am so sorry, I now know that I am wrong. TLR ran out of time, therefore, this couple came back on the following show led by Setan’s partner and friend, Pastor Chamron Phal to lead this couple to Jesus on the air. Jesus is so good!

* Mr. Dam, a 56 years old former Buddhist Monk for 3 decades recently left his monk-hood. He had been listening to TLR and Lok Kru Setan for the last 3 months and learned that all of his time spent in the monastery was a waste. He has found a true living God and true Savior Jesus Christ through Lok Kru Setan via TLR. He is ready to give his life to Christ today. Setan joyfully led him to the Lord Jesus while on the air. To Jesus, be glory!

* A young lady name Kim Ranel said she had not heard from her young sister for two days. Whenever she dials her cell phone number, it rings, but no one answers. She and her entire family asked Setan to pray to Jesus to help find her beloved sister named Kim Rany who was missing. While we prayed on the air, Kim Rany called the radio station and said that she is OK and alive and well. She is with her best friend that wants to commit suicide; therefore, she cannot leave her friend alone. She also said she had no more credit on her cell phone to call anyone, but when she tried to call our station, supernaturally, her phone call went through to us to let us know where she was. Glory to Jesus!