Jubilee News
Nehemiah Series

In our latest sermon series we're looking at the book of Nehemiah. We've called the series: Nehemiah - Repair, Rebuild, Reinforce.


Alongside this we have put together a Bible study entitled "Let's Arise and Build". There is a real sense that this is a study which really reflects the times we are currently living in. 

William Carey once said "Expect great things from God, attempt great things for God". We can expect great things from Him and attempt great things for Him, when we step out in faith to serve Him, because He is so great! 

William Carey, was known as the 'father' of modern protestant missions and really embodied this quote. His conviction for reaching the lost by travelling to remote locations based upon Matthew 28:18-20, was considered radical by his contemporaries in the 18th and 19th centuries. However, undaunted, he forged ahead in faith and God used him to inspire a great missionary movement that continues today. 

The intention of the bible study series is to help uf grow in God and continue to forge ahead in faith as we walk out our daily lives. They have been written with our current circumstances in mind. We all need to continue being taught and encouraged from the Bible. Our desire is to be worshippers who put their trust in God, who loves us. 

The studies are entitled:
Study 1 Draw Near to God - Neh 1:11
Study 2 A Time to Build - Neh 2:1-10
Study 3 Unless the Lord Builds - Neh 2:11-20
Study 4 Pitch Your Tents Closely Together - Neh 4:1-23
Study 5 Love, Unity, Giving and Blessing - Neh 5:1-19
Study 6 Setting Gatekeepers and Watchmen - Neh 6:15-19 & 7:1-4

Copies of the study have been sent out to LifeGroups, if you aren't in a LifeGroup but would like a copy please email: