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Book Review - Sustainable Power

Sustainable PowerSustainable Power by Simon Holley
Simon Holley is the pastor of the King's Arms, a church in Bedford, UK, which has seen God move in remarkable ways. Here he tells the fascinating story of their church community's journey into faith and expectation. As he and others in the church learn to hear God and trust that he will keep his promises, they find themselves in exciting encounters with his power both inside the church and while going about their day-to-day lives.

From many years of reaching out for more of God's blessings while keeping his feet firmly on the ground, Simon shares simply and honestly what he and his church have learned. Having journeyed with Simon Holley and the supernatural community at the King's Arms Church, Bedford, for more than five years now I am so happy to see this book in print. It is a template for the miraculous and living in the reality of the kingdom of God now.

His insights and theological truths are matched by his experience of living and developing a people who are more aware of God's presence and his ability to act than they are of the possibility of defeat. These are robust, practical and deeply moving words which will change your life and your church forever. This book is a must for pastors, leaders and anyone who wants to see heaven invade earth.

"I go to Simon's Church and brought this book ,because of the sermons he and the other leaders are giving around Sustainable Power. When reading the reviews about the book before it was published, it made me wonder if the book was just for church leaders, my thoughts were wrong, I found Sustainable Power to be a book for everyone.

For me this book is so inspiring and empowering it made me rethink certain areas of my life. Simon uses his own experiences to get you to think about certain areas of life; repentance being one of them, but with a difference. Simon and the leaders of the church have used Sustainable Power topics to deliver sermons, for me the book gives me a reference for the sermons to go back to. Wow how inspiring and powerful these have been.

I found the book very easy to read, reading the first nine chapters the very first day I brought it. I feel this book, is one you will read over and over again, and I'm sure every time you will get something different out of it. This book is for anyone, regardless of where you are in your journey.

I brought my mum a copy and she got it today, she's already on page 69 and she told me ' it's exciting and she hasn't read a book like that in ages'. She hasn't been to the church yet, but has picked up how a loving church it is.

Simon is a gifted writer, I hope he writes another book soon." - Jill

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