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Christmas 2020

There's a lot of uncertainty this year, what with all the upheaval that is taking place, it can be difficult to know how we're going to celebrate over this Christmas season. 
This sounds similar to the original Christmas story to us! The upheaval of a census, travelling 90 miles, along hilly dusty paths, heavily pregnant, riding on a donkey. Finding the city full of people and no where available to stay! The young couple end up sheltering in a stable. None of this would have been easy, safe or fun! 
So there are once again, so many parallels for us as we approach this Christmas season! Despite all this uncertainty, we will be hosting a variety of online events over the Christmas period. Here are some more details:

Christmas Carols - God With Us - 20 December at 6pm - (no 10am service)
God with us - Carols 2020

Join us from the comfort of your own home - online as we celebrate the story of Christmas with carols, songs and a retelling of the story of Christmas. Don't forget your mince pies & mulled wine (or favourite snack & drink!)

We look forward to you joining us - please do invite friends too!

To join us visit: at 18:00hrs GMT on Sunday 20th December 2020

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Christmas Day - On The Hour Every Hour & On Demand
Christmas Day - Service
We're excited about Christmas this year, why because we believe that the Christmas message brings hope, joy & peace. This year perhaps more than many recent years it feels like our world needs to hear and understand the message God with us and how this changes everything!

This year we are planning to pre-record a Christmas Day service with fun for all the family. We've heard rumours that this will involve carols, christmas songs, games, challenges and an appearance from our very special puppets. 

So we'd encourage you to join us during your day online at: 

We'll be showing the service on the hour every hour during Christmas Day so you can tune in first thing, before breakfast, after lunch, and even before or after the Christmas specials! 


Sunday 27th December 2020 & 3rd January 2021
Whilst you'll no doubt be excited about our plans for Christmas Day and our Carols event you may be wondering what our plan is for the new year. Well we'll be doing two shorter services with some special guest worship leaders and a guest speaker. These will go out at our normal times of 10am and 7pm. We hope you will be able to join us!

We hope all these events help you engage with the Christmas season, even if it probably won't feel like it usually does!