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Looking For Hope - Guest Service - Sunday 25 October

We’re hosting a special guest service on Sunday 25 October 2020 from 10am. 
Why not come along and join?

Our guest speaker Christ Frost from Gateway Church Leeds shares a series of short messages related to the theme of hope. These messages will be interspersed with a number of songs which also relate to that theme. We’ll be going back to the basics of the Christian message and unpacking what it means. Chris will be looking at 6 characters from the New Testament who met Jesus and what there interaction with Him can tell us about faith in Jesus. 
During our service there will be an opportunity to request prayer and to web chat with others watching. For those watching at 10am you’ll be able to connect with others who have attended via Zoom at the end of the service. 
We’d love you to join us whether you’ve been to church all your life or it’s your first time. Stay for 10mins or the whole hour! 

Join us at 10am or 7pm by visiting: live.jubilee.org.uk  
Or catch up later by visiting: jubilee.org.uk/watch

Want a sneak peek? Watch our promo video below: