Joseph Mwila
Loneliness - Joseph Mwila

In his fantastic and timely preach on our International Sunday, Joseph Mwila looks at the subject of loneliness, especially significant during COVID-19 and how as a church community we can build bridges into our community and help combat this situation which we are all facing to one degree or another.

Joseph Mwila is the founder of Dayspring Church and leads a ChristCentral apostolic team based in Zambia and gives apostolic oversight to over 70 ChristCentral churches in Zambia and neighbouring African nations. Joseph is also part of the ChristCentral apostolic team with Jeremy and our very own Graham Pyman. Alongside planting 13 churches, their community outreach programme, Streetlife Project, runs two orphanages, serves over 1,500 meals to children in poor communities and sponsors over 150 orphans back to schools and colleges. Based in Zambia, Joseph works internationally and is a regular speaker on both National Television and at international conferences. He is a regular speaker at Devoted a UK based international festival hosted by ChristCentral. Joseph has pioneered the Zambian School of Leadership, the Zambia 2050 Young Entrepreneurs Business Initiative and founded the University of Kitwe. Joseph is married to Lillian and they have four lovely children.

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