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We hope you’ve found the 40Days of prayer series helpful, we wanted to help you continue to grow in this whole area in the year ahead. There are all sorts of excellent resources out there which will help you continue to grow in prayer. Here are a few books which we thought you might find helpful:

How To Pray: A Simple Guide for Normal People – Pete Greig

How To Pray - GreigEveryone prays.
But no one finds it easy.
We all need a little help.

Pete Greig has been teaching on prayer - and leading a non-stop prayer movement - for twenty years. Now, for the first time, he puts his life's work into a response to the question everybody ultimately asks: how do I pray?

This down-to-earth introduction to life's greatest adventure will guide you deeper in your relationship with God, helping you to become more centred and still, clearer in discerning God's voice, more able to make sense of your disappointments and more expectant for miraculous breakthroughs too. It's full of honest, hard-won wisdom interspersed with real-life stories - some humorous, others moving - to equip and inspire your prayer life. Journeying through the Lord's Prayer, and accompanied by online videos from The Prayer Course, which has been used by more than a million people, it unpacks nine essential aspects of prayer: stillness, adoration, petition, intercession, perseverance, contemplation, listening, confession and spiritual authority.

From one of today's most visionary communicators, for those who've been praying for years as well as those who want to pray but don't know where to begin, How to Pray is the simple, life-changing guide you've been waiting for.

QUOTE: "I'm actually not into prayer. I'm into Jesus, so we talk. I don't believe in the power of prayer. I believe in the power of God. So I ask for his help."

Buy a copy here: jub.onl/2P4EpXu 

Dirty Glory - GreigDirty Glory: Go Where Your Best Prayers Take You – Pete Greig

Following on from the success of Red Moon Rising, which tells the story of the first five years of the 24-7 prayer movement, Dirty Glory describes stories of transformation, from a walled city of prostitution in Mexico to the nightclubs of Ibiza, and invites people to experience the presence of God through prayer. An autobiographical adventure story spanning four continents, describing one of the most exciting movements of the Holy Spirit in our time, Dirty Glory will inspire and equip those dissatisfied with the status quo and passionate about the possibilities for spiritual and social transformation in our time. 

QUOTE: “we are qualified for Christian service by our praying not our preaching, by our desire to worship him and not our workload on his behalf, by knowing Jesus personally and not just by knowing a lot of interesting things about him. If you lose God’s presence you lose everything, but if you know his presence you already have everything you will ever need.”

Buy a copy here: jub.onl/2HB24L0 

Prayer - KellerPrayer: Experiencing Awe and Intimacy with God -
Timothy Keller

'"Can't anyone teach me how to pray?" Millions of people today are asking the same question. There is a sense of the necessity of prayer - we have to pray. But how?'

Prayer is central to Christian faith; indeed, as Timothy Keller notes in his introduction, it is the main way we experience deep change. Yet so many people struggle with prayer - a struggle that the author himself has shared. This wise and inspiring book is the fruit of those struggles, offering a real and glorious vision of what it can mean to seek God in prayer. 

Keller begins by giving a theological underpinning of what prayer actually is - both conversation and encounter with a personal God - before describing how we can learn to pray, and then deepen that prayer. Finally he gives detailed, practical suggestions on how to make prayer a part of the reality of daily life. 

QUOTE: "Prayer is how God gives us so many of the unimaginable things he has for us. Indeed, prayer makes it safe for God to give us many of the things we most desire. It is the way we know God, the way we finally treat God as God. Prayer is simply the key to everything we need to do and be in life. We must learn to pray. We have to."

Buy a copy here: jub.onl/2P3RWyO 

Prayer - YanceyPrayer: Does It Make Any Difference -
Philip Yancey

Multi-award winning spirituality writer Philip Yancey is loved throughout the world for his honest, insightful and inspirational writing. PRAYER: DOES IT MAKE ANY DIFFERENCE? carries all the hallmarks of classic Yancey, a journalist by training. His quest to unravel the mysteries of prayer reads as the journal of a fellow traveller: questioning, challenging, lamenting the unexplainable and rejoicing in the discovery of awesome insights. His journey is beautifully illustrated with moving true stories drawn from around the world. The book tackles the following questions: What is prayer? What difference does it make? Why and how should we pray? What about unanswered prayer? How should we understand prayer for physical healing? 

Quote: “prayer, and only prayer, restores my vision to one that more resembles God's. i awake from blindness to see that wealth lurks as a terrible danger, not a goal worth striving for; that value depends not on race or status but on the image of God every person bears; that no amount of effort to improve physical beauty has much relevance for the world beyond.” 

Buy a copy here: jub.onl/2uYG8H9 

Prayer - BoundsThe Complete Works of E.M. Bounds on Prayer
 by E.M. Bounds (Currently only 99p on Kindle)
E.M. Bounds truly followed the charge to pray without ceasing. It was as normal and essential to him as breathing. But though he was in prayer constantly, it never became a chore to him. Throughout his life, whether he was ministering to troops or bringing God's Word to his congregation, E. M. Bounds relished his time in conversation with God. This compilation of books looks at: the essentials, necessity, possibilities, power, purpose, reality, and weapon of prayer. 

Quote: “What the Church needs to-day is not more machinery or better, not new organizations or more and novel methods, but people whom the Holy Spirit can use – people of prayer, people mighty in prayer. The Holy Spirit does not flow through methods, but through people. He does not come on machinery, but on people. He does not anoint plans, but people – people of prayer.”

Buy a copy here: jub.onl/37vQN9u 

When I pray What does God do? – David Wilkinson

When I Pray - WilkinsonThe question of how, and whether, God answers prayer has been intellectually shaped by the rise of science, the problem of evil and the nature of the biblical records. Scientist and theologian David Wilkinson shares his own struggles with the question of how God answers prayer.

Science does not rule out God acting in the universe in surprising ways; the Bible shows a God who acts in the world in response to people's prayers. Yet there is always a mystery about the nature and outcome of prayer, not least in the experience of unanswered prayer.
The author shares his struggles with praying in the midst of his wife's long-term illness. What we believe affects how we pray. God is neither a slot machine, nor an indulgent parent, nor a divine dictator, nor a ruler in absentia.

How does God work in a world of science? Why doesn't He answer more often? Has God acted in history? How did Jesus pray? How, in a world governed by law and grace, should we pray?

Buy a copy here: 

Before Amen: The Simple Power of Prayer - Max Lucado
Before AmenWe all pray . . . some.

We pray to stay sober, centred, or solvent. When the lump is deemed malignant. When the money runs out before the month does. When the marriage is falling apart. We pray.

But wouldn't we like to pray more? Better? Stronger? With more fire, faith, and fervency?

Yet we have kids to feed, bills to pay, deadlines to meet. The calendar pounces on our good intentions like a tiger on a rabbit. And what about our chequered history with prayer? Uncertain words. Unmet expectations. Unanswered requests.

We aren't the first to struggle with prayer. The first followers of Jesus needed prayer guidance too. In fact, prayer is the only tutorial they ever requested.

And Jesus gave them a prayer. Not a lecture on prayer. Not the doctrine of prayer. He gave them a quotable, repeatable, portable prayer. Couldn't we use the same?

In Before Amen Max joins readers on a journey to the very heart of biblical prayer, offering hope for doubts and confidence even for prayer wimps. Distilling prayers in the Bible down to one pocket-sized prayer, Max reminds readers that prayer is not a privilege for the pious nor the art of a chosen few. Prayer is simply a heartfelt conversation between God and his child. Let the conversation begin.

QUOTE:prayer is not a privilege for the pious nor the art of a chosen few. Prayer is simply a heartfelt conversation between God and his child.”

Buy a copy here: jub.onl/2vMYPgO 

Did You Think To Pray? – R.T. Kendall
Did You Think - KendallChildren spell love T-I-M-E. What if God spells love T-I-M-E?
Prayer is one of the most fundamental practices of the Christian faith, yet how many of us really commit adequate time to talking to God? As R.T. points out in DID YOU THINK TO PRAY?, God likes our company. We can only benefit from spending more time with him. This book helps us to better understand what prayer is, why it is so important and how we can overcome the obstacles that seem to prevent us doing it.

QUOTE: “Time with God will open up His ways. Reading books won't do it. Reading theology won't do it. Studying the creation won't do it. Going to church won't do it. Listening to religious music won't do it. Listening to great preaching won't do it. Even worshiping through hymns and songs won't do it.” 

Buy a copy here: jub.onl/326LkVu 

Praying With Paul: A Call to Spiritual Reformation – DA Carson

Praying With Paul - CarsonGod doesn’t demand hectic church programs and frenetic schedules; he only wants his people to know him more intimately. The apostle Paul found that spiritual closenss in his own fellowship with the Father. Praying with Paul calls believers to reject superficiality and revolutionise their lives by embracing a God-guided approach to prayer. By following Paul’s life-shaping principles, we can hear God speak to us today. 

QUOTE: “effective prayer is the fruit of a relationship with God, not a technique for acquiring blessings.”

Buy a copy here: jub.onl/2P2OrZe 

A Simple Way To Pray - Martin Luther (Free PDF)
A Simple Way - LutherDo you find it difficult to pray at times? The original text of A Simple Way to Pray was written by Martin Luther to help believers just like you. This booklet will assist you in focusing your thoughts so that you can feel comfortable going to God in prayer. You’ll also discover useful prayer techniques and starting points, and be encouraged to pray often. 

Download a Copy: jub.onl/2P7YFHU 

The Chief Exercise of Faith – John Calvin
The Chief Exercise - Calvin"There's nothing else like Calvin's treatment of prayer... Calvin is both theological and practical, and as usual, he is very comprehensive. This is a rarity—deep theology with a spiritually elevated tone and savor that makes the reader want to pray."
—Timothy Keller in Prayer: Experiencing Awe and Intimacy with God

John Calvin's work on prayer from The Institutes of Christian Religion has nourished souls and sparked a desire to pray for almost 500 years.

His hallmark chapter on prayer is now available as a stand-alone book, making rich theology more accessible and affordable for those who might not otherwise stumble across it.

Readers of The Chief Exercise of Faith: John Calvin on Prayer will cover a wide scope of what prayer is and how to pray:

• Why prayer is the chief exercise of faith
• What it means to pray in Jesus' name
• Calvin's Four Rules for Prayer
• Calvin's exposition of each of the six petitions of the Lord's Prayer
• And more.

May this book encourage you to pick up your shovel and dig up gospel treasures by prayer.

QUOTE: "So true is it that we dig up by prayer the treasures that were pointed out by the Lord’s gospel, and which our faith has gazed upon." (John Calvin)

Buy a copy here: jub.onl/2SJgpvz 

With Christ In The School of Prayer – Andrew Murray (currently free on Kindle)

With Christ - MurrayThis book has been written with a deep impression that the place and power of prayer in the Christian life is too little understood. I feel sure that as long as we look on prayer solely as the means of maintaining our own Christian life, we shall not know fully what it is meant to be. But when we learn to regard it as the highest part of the work entrusted to us, the root and strength of all other work, we shall see that we need nothing more than to study and practice the art of praying.

If I have succeeded in pointing out the progressive teaching of our Lord in regard to prayer, and the distinct reference of His wonderful promises of His last night to the works we are to do in His name – to the greater works and the bearing of much fruit – we shall all admit that only when the church gives herself up to this holy work of intercession can she expect the power of Christ to manifest itself on her behalf. I pray that God will use this book to explain to some of His children the wonderful place of power and influence that He is waiting for them to occupy and that a weary world is waiting for too. 

QUOTE: “Prayer [is] the quiet, persistent living of our life of desire and faith in the presence of our God.”

Buy a copy here: jub.onl/2P6k9F2 

A Praying Life: Connecting With God in a Distracting World – Paul Miller

A Praying Life - MillerAuthor Paul Miller shares his insights and conclusions about how to connect the broken pieces of your life and allow prayer--even poorly delivered--to fill the gaps with meaning and substance. Miller's down-to-earth approach and practical nature will help you see that your relationship with God can grow and your communication with Him can get better. Parents will find Miller's family-life experiences especially helpful. 

QUOTE: "Because of prayerlessness, our lives are often marked by fear, anxiety, joylessness, and spiritual lethargy."

Buy a copy here: jub.onl/32eppM7 

The Lord’s Prayer Course – J.John

The Lords Prayer - J.JohnThe Lord’s Prayer was Jesus’ way of teaching the key principles of prayer.

It is not a formula – but rather a means of developing our relationship with God. Most human relationships can be improved if we work at them: this is also true of our relationship with God. There are bad habits we can remove and good practices we can acquire.

However, the significance of The Lord’s Prayer is far greater. Its brief span covers every area of existence. Quite simply, how we pray determines how we live. If any part of the Bible deserves detailed and careful study, it is this.

This book contains ten group studies on The Lord’s Prayer and the teaching that precedes it in Matthew 6:5-13. Each study contains a:

  • Starter – designed to get people talking.
  • Surgery – focusing on key problems addressed by the section concerned.
  • Study – relating to the themes.
  • Summary – a short review.
  • Stepping out – an application of what has been learnt.
Buy a copy here: jub.onl/2SEFrLY 

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