David Ash
Saints & Sinners Album Review

Saints & Sinners
Matt Maher
Release Date: March 2015

My sister bought me a copy of this CD for my birthday, she saw Matt play live at the Big Church Day out and thought I’d like it. In fact I’d found a number of his albums and added some of them to my Amazon wishlist. I initially checked out the music because I liked the album cover on the Alive Again Album:

"Every Saint has a past and every sinner a future" - Oscar Wilde

This new CD (Saints & Sinners) is excellent and has some beautifully crafted songs. This album has an interesting concept. The song writer, rather than writing songs based upon his own experiences, has looked into the lives of various famous men & women of faith and written songs with lyrics which could represent their life’s song to God. Its a very interesting concept, one which in turn gives way to some wonderfully worshipful & uplifting lyrics.

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Critical Reception
Designating the album a four star release at CCM Magazine, Andy Argyrakis depicts, "Maher gives listeners yet another collection split between personal and worshipful morsels."[1] Mark D. Geil, mentioning in a four star review from Jesus Freak Hideout, responds, "Saints and Sinners finds him in his stride, and adding a unique concept that is, for the most part, quite well executed."[4] Specifying in a four and a half star review by Worship Leader, Jeremy Armstrong responds, "the result is a litany of gutsy, profound, and beautiful worship songs" that "cements Maher’s already-stalwart position as one of today’s most important worship songwriters."[9] Tony Cummings, giving the album a nine out of ten rating for Cross Rhythms, writes, "this album is a work of inspiring craftsmanship."[3] Former CCM Magazine editor, Lindsay Williams, rating the album five out of five stars for The Sound Opinion, recognizes, "Saints & Sinners positions Maher as more than a songwriter content to sit in someone else’s shadow... He's found his unique artistic voice, and this album proves he's not afraid to use it."[8] Indicating in a review by BREATHEcast, Jeannie Law realises, "Overall it's evident that Maher really put his heart and soul into the making of the entire record."

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