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Turning Points - by Vaughan Roberts

On Sunday Rupert recommended the book: Turing Points By  Vaughan Roberts, here below is a review and links to purchase a copy.

Turning Points is a pocket history of the world with a deliberately persuasive edge. Vaughan Roberts, young rector of a lively city-centre Anglican church in Oxford, sets out to narrate "history as God sees it"--and to show the connection between events described in the Bible and today's post-modern age. The turning points he refers to are: the creation, the fall of humanity from original innocence, events in Old Testament Israel, the coming of Jesus, his death, his resurrection, the giving of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost and the end of the world.

Roberts seeks to show how those events give ultimate meaning to human existence and are still relevant at the start of a new millennium. His declared aim is to help his readers to reach their own "turning point"-by starting (or continuing in greater depth) a friendship with Jesus Christ. Widely read, Roberts peppers his text with contemporary illustrations, humorous quotes and references from other writers. A summary diagram is provided at the end of each chapter, building up to a complete time-line of history according to the Bible.

Turning Points will find two sorts of readers: the academic type prepared to give Christianity some serious investigation and the Christian who feels they need a firmer foundation to their faith. Along the way, the book doesn't shrink from tackling difficult issues, like questions of truth and authority, other religions and the nature of heaven and hell. --Al Horn 

Amazon Review:
This is a good book for several reasons: it uses modern, engaging illustrations to get its points across; it uses some modern scholarship, but as part of the general, easy-to-read text; it challenges people to assess their own motives and lives- to suggest a meaning and purpose for life based on the testimony of the Bible.
Probably not as good for the person who's been investigating the Bible and Jesus' claims for a while, but an excellent introduction to what Christianity's about: it gives a clear Christian answer to the eternal problem- How to know God. Accessed: 28/11/2019 by William Fross

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