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Devoted Speakers - Terry Virgo

Until recently Terry Virgo was based in Brighton where he founded Church of Christ the King, which became his home base. He also founded a family of churches called Newfrontiers (the family of churches which we belong too!), which began in the South East of England but now extends right across the UK and indeed is represented on every continent across the world with approximately 1000 churches worldwide and around 300 churches in the UK.

He hosted the annual Stoneleigh Bible Week, which gathered many thousands for an annual conference and was subsequently followed by Together on a Mission, an annual Leaders conference held at the Brighton Centre each year. This conference drew thousands of leaders from around the world.

Three years ago Terry handed over the leadership of Newfrontiers to a group of men who travel across the nations and his son Joel now leads the church in Brighton. Terry has written a number of books including “God’s Lavish Grace” and “The Spirit-Filled Church”. His autobiography “No Well Worn Paths” has been a popular history of God’s moving in local church life in the UK and further afield.

Having handed on the leadership of Newfrontiers Terry now travels internationally speaking at Conferences and groups of church leaders.

Terry is married to Wendy and they have 5 married children.

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Terry Virgo - speaking on the grace of God