Jubilee News
Pursuing His Presence : Gothenburg

Some of our Academy team will be heading to Gothenburg 18-20 October to support Gud Först church plant in Gothenburg and help them host the first PHP conference in mainland Europe. We’ll be joined by people from churches across Gothenburg, Sweden and Scandinavia. We’ll be sharing some of the things we’ve learned as a church about pursuing the presence of God, growing in the prophetic and Baptism in the Spirit - we’d really value your prayers for us!

How can you help?

We'd love to encourage Gud Först by taking a load of cards out to them when we go and you can help! Simply buy or draw a card, write a word of encouragement, bible verse (may be your favourite passage) or a blessing you feel God would want you to share with someone at Gud Först. It could simply be a post card! Don't worry if you've never done anything like this before, if you need some help or advice please speak to David or Katherine or get in touch with the church office (info@jubilee.org.uk or 01332 322655). 

Please hand these in on Sunday 13th October or drop of with the Ashes (contact the church office for address details). 

We'd love to take as many as possible and are aiming to take around 70 cards. An example of one of the cards we'll be taking which Elizabeth made: