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Life In The Secret Place - Resources

We've put together some resources to help you develop your time with God. Remember: there are many different ways to spend time with God, many models of quiet times and devotional or reading schemes. There are many ways to pray.

Don’t find this overwhelming - find it releasing!

You don’t have to pray or read or worship in a certain way - you are free to find a way which works best for you. Free to build your relationship with God in the way that best serves that relationship.

Find ways that help you spend time with God, that you are enthusiastic about, that you find enjoyable! You don’t have to copy this person or that person. Their way may work for them but it may be hopeless for you!

Some people don’t learn from reading, some like listening, some learn from art, cartoons or pictures.

Here are some books to help you and your children with a Devotional Time or growing a relationship with God (click links below for more details)
The Prayer Experiment Notebook
The Teenage Prayer Experiment Notebook
Thoughts To Make Your Hearts Sing
Everything A Child Should Know About God
What Every Child Should Know About Prayer
Jesus Storybook Bible
Parenting for a life of Faith - Omnibus Edition
That’s A Good Question
Knowing God

Resources For Adults (click links below for more details)
How to Pray
100 days of bible promises - devotional journal
100 Days of grace & gratitude - devotional journal
Spirit and Sacrament - Andrew Wilson
Echoes of Exodus - Andrew Wilson & Alastair Roberts
Lifelines - Andy Croft & Mike Pilavachi

Devotional Resources Zip File (link)
Bible Reading Resources
Daily Bread - Devotional Sample
Every Day With Jesus - Devotional Sample
How To Bible Journal
Prayer & Bible Reading Suggestions
What’s Your Prayer Type?
SOAP - Devotional Time Exercise
Spiritual Health Check
What’s My worship style
Word For Life Devotional - Devotional Sample

Why not try taking a walk and praying or doing something creative while you read your bible, using it to inspire you to paint or draw something. Go and spend some time somewhere quiet or go and listen to some music. Be creative, express yourself and your love for God by doing things you enjoy doing and linking them to time spent in God's presence!

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