Transform Asia
Transform Asia - June Update

Happy Birthday

JWe probably say this every year when June arrives, but we can hardly believe we are almost halfway through with 2019.

The Lord has really blessed TransformAsia this year. We have had new churches open their doors to have Setan share his testimony and the work that TransformAsia is doing. We have had some amazing volunteers come to Cambodia to help service our buildings and others who have come to take care of those with physical needs. And we know there is so much more in store for this year!

If you remember Setan and Randa felt that 2019 would be the year of "the Way," by sharing and doing what our Lord Jesus has called us to do. We are so thankful for those who are heeding that call and are coming to Cambodia to help us minister to those around the country.

As this letter is being written Setan and Randa have the opportunity to be in Texas to meet with donors and friends of the ministry. This is always an exciting time, and when they were saying how much they would be doing in Texas our first thought was "why is the trip so short?!" They love to meet with friends-new and old.

If you do ever have an interest in having Setan visit your church or home group, please do not hesitate to contact us. Like I mentioned, he loves making friends! Proverbs 27:17 says "As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another." Which I think is so true-I have traveled with Setan and seen his testimony impact lives. And Setan has sat down with people to share a meal and he listens to them and is impacted by what they say. He would love to strengthen you, and be strengthened in return!

I don't want to keep you, but do know that we love all of you so much. Just by reading this letter, and praying for us impacts our ministry for good. We hope that you have a lovely summer, and we are praying for you. If you have specific requests please do not think of us as too busy to pray for you! We love praying specifically for you, friend.

May the Lord richly bless you in all that you do!

In Jesus' Name,

Elizabeth A. Stifel

U.S. Administrative Assistant

Perfect Wrapping

Staff Update

Dear friends, we wanted to let you know that our dear Srey Oun is no longer with TransformAsia. She is engaged to a wonderful man, and is heading in a different direction at the moment. Both are pictured above during their engagement ceremony. We will miss her so much. If you have been to Cambodia, you have more than likely met Srey Oun! She has a contagious smile, impeccable English, and a love that can not be contained. We are praying for her future, and if the Lord brings her back to help TransformAsia, then we would be so thrilled. At the moment, we are blessing her future and we ask that you continue to pray for her also! Thank you so much.


Prayer Requests

  • Setan and Randa as they are in Texas
  • Setan and Randa as they are traveling to many places before the month is over
  • For our staff throughout Cambodia-that they will be commited to God and to helping each other
  • For our churches-for unity and understanding, and for Biblical teaching
  • For our administrative staff who, in both Cambodia and the U.S. are dealing with renewals and fulfilling government requests
  • For the children we serve-for their health especially
  • For the weather-that Cambodia will recieve all the rain it needs, but without damage that comes from flooding