Setan Lee
Transform Asia - May Update

I thank God, whom I serve with a clear conscience the way my forefathers did, as I constantly remember you in my prayers night and day” (2 Timothy 1:3). I thank you for your generosity and your love for the people and nation of Cambodia. I am most of all, thankful to Jesus who died on the Cross for you and me almost 2000 years ago. I thank Him for this recent Resurrection Sunday, where all of us celebrated a few weeks ago.

April was a very busy month for Randa and I. We have been constantly on the roads of Cambodia to flying back to America. Three days later, we turned around and went to Israel, the Holy Land. We were so blessed to be able to learn more of His word from a Biblical scholar and Messianic Jew, Stan Rosenthal while we were on the ground of the Holy Land. Glory to Jesus!

Returning back to the States, we got right back to our routine ministry; traveling on the roads again for speaking engagements and visiting our friends and partners of TransformAsia across America and the globe. When you receive this news, I am probably already driving across southwest Kansas for more speaking engagements and sharing God’s word to various groups and churches.

Meanwhile, our pastoral team and staff from various projects in Cambodia are very busy serving and bringing more people to Jesus. There are numerous new converts who are awaiting to be baptized in the water as a public profession of faith and following Jesus’s command, “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,” (Matthews 28:19). We will keep you posted when the actual baptisms are taking place later this summer.

Last, but not least, please pray for wisdom for Setan and Randa as they are leading this little organization, TransformAsia into another level. Pray for more resources and man power to help sustain the mission that God is calling us to do until His second coming in glory!

Thank again for your love and your partnership with TransformAsia.


Yours truly in Christ,

Setan A. Lee

Founder and President of TransformAsia

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