Megan Chalmers
Derby and Burton Joint Sunday

On Sunday the 20th of January we had a joint service with our church plant, Burton Family Church. We had a great Sunday enjoying God’s presence and being family together! The QUAD was packed full and it was great to see so many of you all there! We started with an amazing time of worship led by Naomi and the band and then Matt Waring, one of the leaders at Burton Family Church, spoke to us. He gave an encouraging word about focus and heaven’s perspective in the Christian life. His word was challenging yet uplifting as Matt encouraged us, as we are beginning a new year, to be on the front foot and motivate ourselves to seek God in what he wants our focus to be in our walk with him. His talk should soon be available on our website here.

We hope you enjoyed our joint sunday together as much as we did. It was amazing to see the room full of familiar faces and enjoy being one body together.