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Carols Social Media Promotion

As Graham mentioned on Sunday we’ve put together some graphics to help us promote our 'Christmas Carols' event on Sunday 15th December 2019 6pm at QUAD

Adrian Holloway (a speaker at Devoted or North), suggested that to help promote our event we should ask all church members to change their social media profile images on the same date (this is one method used by a lot of churches he has worked with and has really helped the events gain traction on social media). 

This helps makes an impact on those friends we have in common and is an easy way of letting people know about the event. 

So, we’re asking you to help us by changing your profile image / cover images on Saturday 1st December and share the event in a post. 

To help you do that we’ve put together some images which you can use to temporarily replace your profile & cover image until 15th December:

Profile Images
Facebook Profile Image: 

Twitter Profile Image: 

Header or Cover Images

Facebook Cover Image: 

Twitter Header Image: 

Post Images

Facebook / Twitter: 

Facebook Event
You can also share our facebook event using the following link:

Facebook Temporary Profile Image

If you would prefer we’ve also put together a temporary profile image on Facebook which you can use to overlay on a current or new profile image. To use this temporary profile image, click here.

Facebook Invite Text
We'd love you to join us at the Jubilee Church Derby carol service 'Christmas Carols' on Sunday 15 December 2018, 6pm at QUAD in Derby. This carol service will be perfect for all and will help get you in the festive spirit. Here's the facebook event with full details: 

Email Invite
We're planning to send an email out on the 1st of December which you can forward on to your contacts to invite them to the event. You can find the text of the email here.

There are loads of flyers available on Sunday mornings for you to give to friends, family & collegues etc - don't forget!

Thanks for helping us promote this event, remember to invite your friends & we can't wait to see you there!