Jubilee News
Dance Workshop in Derby

The Christian Dance Fellowship of Britain are holding a Bus Stop Tour in Derby on Saturday 15th September at St Alkmunds Church in Derby. 

Bus Stop Tours are a series of half-day and evening workshops run by and on behalf of CDFB Midland's East at various locations around the region, so that members and friends can more easily access an event closer to where they live. 

Initially being led by our Bus Stop Team, the aim is for each workshop leader to present a workshop in their home church, then at a second location in another county (which we are easily able to do as our region stretches across seven counties!)

If you have a church venue to offer, or workshops ideas you would like to present / receive, please get in touch with Jacqueline or Donna at midlands-east@cdfb.org.uk 

St Alkmunds, Derby - Saturday 15th September
10am - 13noon - "Inviting The Holy Spirit" led by Jacqueline

Cost: £4 per session (+£1 temp member)

Book via email and pay at the event. 

What is CDFB?
The Christian Dance Fellowship of Britain (CDFB) was born in 1990, and is part of the broader International Christian Dance Fellowship, an organisation fostering links between national dance fellowships across the world.

The CDFB is a network that connects dance enthusiasts who share the Christian faith.

We aim to be a place of connection and meeting for people with a Christian faith who are seeking to explore, understand and develop their relationship between dance and faith.

We understand that dance can be enjoyed on many levels; for some it is the pleasure of expressing their spiritual worship, healing and release and for some dance is a moving art that has its part to play in the construction of culture. Therefore we do our best to encourage and support dancers of all abilities and across all forms and genres, through prayer and fellowship, by sharing practice in workshops and community performances and by contextualising practice through biblical teaching

Our gatherings give us the opportunity to celebrate all that our God is doing through the art form of dance, where we can be a community, who together can enjoy embodied prayer and worship and be inspired, strengthened and encouraged by The Holy Spirit and each other.

The CDFB leadership is also available as consultants to support church leaders who want to encourage diversity within the worship of their church or community.

The Chrisitan Dance Fellowship of Britain is a company limited by guarantee, number: 5466472 and as a charity no: 1115037