City Vision
Prayer In Normanton

Do you live in or have a heart for Normanton? Would you like to join with others to pray and bless the area? Why not join a group of likeminded individuals from across Derby?

The group organise prayer walks (Sundays 7:30pm-9pm), pub prayer (Sundays 9pm-10pm) and serve coffees to Normanton Shopkeers on Thursdays. 

There is currently a small team of people who join together to walk and pray in the Normanton Road area on Sunday evenings, they then go onto Melbourne Bar and continue praying and socialising with local people. This is a great opportunity to be amongst the community and to pray for those who live and work in Normanton. 

On Thursdays this group also takes coffee to local businesses on Normanton Road to bless the community with no strings attached. Not only does this bless people it also becomes an opportunity to talk to and build community with those who are based in the Normanton area. 

If you are interested in joining for any of these activities please contact Eve at New Life who is coordinating these groups.  

If you have other activities which you are doing in the Normanton area Eve would love to hear from you and discuss working together and encouraging one another.