Jubilee News
An Evening of Revival with Jonathan Conrathe

25 March 2018 - 6:00 pm - Derby, New Life Derby, Normanton Road.

Come along for a night of Revival with guest speaker Jonathan Conrathe.

All welcome!

Who is Jonathan Conrathe?
Jonathan Conrathe is the Founder and Director of Valley Life Trust which today encompasses “Mission24”, "Child Life Homes" and "LifeLink". Jonathan has seen in excess of 250,000 people come to a living faith in Jesus Christ over the last 30 years in 50 different nations. The Lord continues to faithfully confirm His Word with regular occurrences of healings, miracles and gifts of the Holy Spirit.

The Ministry was established in 1994 following an initial training period of seven years with Evangelist Don Double of Good News Crusade, where Jonathan served as a trainee evangelist and worship leader. The fruit of his ministry has been seen, not only in the salvation of tens of thousands responding to the Gospel, but also in the planting of new churches in Uganda (23), Tanzania (3), South Africa (1), Mexico (several house churches), UK (1), Philippines(2), France (1), Ukraine (2), and India (reports suggest hundreds of new house churches have been planted, however this is harder to quantify due to the nature of the church groups).

Jonathan is sent out with the blessing of his local church and is a partner member of the Groundlevel Network of churches and ministries. Jonathan ministers widely in missions around the world, as well as to churches and leaders across a variety of denominations and networks around the UK and overseas. He is also an accredited minister with Churches in Communities International (CIC)


During his teenage years at school, Jonathan and his brother led over 60 of the boys to Christ, some of whom are in the ministry today. Travelling to and from school by train he would challenge the commuters with the Gospel, a number of whom received Jesus, often as a result of healing prayer. At the age of 17, when considering his future career, Jonathan had a vision of the Cross of Christ during the night and knew the Lord was commissioning him to preach the Gospel.


Sensing the call of God strongly in his heart, Jonathan turned down the potential of a career in the family business and at the age of nineteen became a full-time evangelist, training with Don Double of Good News Crusade. After an initial training period of seven years, in 1994 he was released with Don’s blessing to establish “Valley Ministries” with a vision to “take the miracles of Jesus to the “spiritual valleys of the nations” (Joel 3:14)". Jonathan has now been in full-time ministry for 25 years and has been privileged to lead in excess of 200,000 people to a living faith in Jesus Christ. He is 45 years old, is happily married to Elaine, and they have three young boys, Nathan, Joshua, and Benjamin.


In 2008, alongside his evangelistic ministry, Jonathan felt a prompting from the Lord to give more emphasis to training and raising up local church based mission teams around the world, with a vision to multiply effective workers in the Gospel and thus help churches in the task of winning the nations for Christ. With this in mind, Mission24 was born as a means of equipping the local church, facilitating the work of mission, and providing a forum for the recognition and release of a new generation of evangelists. The ultimate intention of the vision is that there will come a day when in any 24 hour period, there will be a mission team out somewhere in the globe winning the world to Christ!