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Keeping Children Safe - Conference

Children and young people are bombarded with hyper-sexualised messages and images through social media, advertising and peers. The proliferation of sexual imagery is contributing to a distorted view of bodies, relationships and sexuality in young people, having a negative impact on their physical, emotional and spiritual development. This seriously hampers our ability to raise happy, healthy, Christ-centred children.

What can we do as parents to address this? Join Steve and Jane Casey to find out.

Woodlands Evangelical Church are hosting a half-day conference on Saturday 10th February with speakers Steve & Jane Casey looking into the subject. 

This will be an opportunity for ALL parents and grandparents, as well as church leaders, youth leaders and children's leaders to spend time thinking about and being equipped to help our youngsters navigate the murky waters of our 21st century sex-saturated culture. As you know, the statistics in terms of young people accessing inappropriate online material are appalling.  There is an enormous need for sound Biblical teaching to give parents the wisdom and tools they need to guide their children through these challenging years.

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