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You can still have fun without a drink By Felicity Beal, Derby City Mission

In the summer, a group of exceptionally enthusiastic young adults shared their vision of opening a dry bar in the centre of Derby, where individuals can let their hair down, have fund and if they want to, get to know more about Jesus.

“There is an increasing number of students and young adults clamouring for a night out which doesn’t involve alcohol. The pressure to drink to excess is becoming frustrating for some and so an event which says ‘you can do all this, not drink and have fun’ is desperately needed.” Reports Ben Martin, a member of the YADA team.

Since the launch of their ideas, the hard working team, comprising of recent graduates and headed up by Julio Abraham, CEO of Derby City Mission, has been prayerful and patient about seeking a suitable venue to hold this exciting, alternative night out for young party revellers.

Settling on The Art House on Friar Gate, it struck the team that this was a venue they had prayed about over a year ago. The stunning venue will open its doors on Friday 1st December at 9pm. Across the course of the night there will be two rooms, one offering a traditional club feel with music and non-alcoholic drinks, the other offering a chilled space with a grand piano playing, creating a relaxed and easy going ambience. The combination of the two spaces means that dancing, drinking, laughing, relaxing and connecting with others throughout the night will be experienced in an unprecedented way.

“Having recently graduated from Derby Uni, I’m all too familiar with Derby’s drunken night scene. YADA sets out to change that! Imagine a night where; authentic connections are made, laughter, joy and good entertainment is shared. A great night is had and you wake up in the morning headache free with epic talks of the night before. That’s the reason I got behind YADA and it continues to be our vision.” Craig Picton – YADA project leader.

Why not join the team at their launch night on 1st December? Find out more here.

We hope that you can get behind YADA too. Please join us in prayer, and if you feel that you would like to support either through giving of time, skills or financial resource then please contact: or 01332 460 346 

This article first first appeared in "Derbyshire Church - Magazine" - Issue 192 - November 2017 - Published by Derby Church Net for Valley Cids