David Ash
Quiet Times - Part 4 of 4

This is the final section of our four part mini-series on the subject of Quiet Times (see here), today we're looking at what to do if you've got stuck or your current quiet times have gone stale - what can you do? 

Help I’m Still Stuck!

So you’ve missed day, you’ve tried all sorts of different things and they don’t seem to work or you’ve been doing this ‘quiet time’ thing for a while and its just gone stale - what can you do?

Don’t be too hard on yourself if you’ve missed a day!
Try not to miss a day, but be gracious to yourself, you will sometimes miss one. The more regularly you have a quiet time, the easier it will become. Get back into the swing of it. To really maintain a regular quiet time most people will find that it is much easier to do it every day. Don’t forget: quiet times aren’t performances, requirements or done for brownie points! They are there to build your relationship with God and to help you spend time with Him.

If you’ve tried all these ideas and are still struggling, ask someone to hold you accountable for a while - maybe until you’ve established a regular pattern or found the time which best suits you and been able to sustain it for a good period.

Creation - take some time out
Creation surrounds us, and we know that it “declares the glory of God” (Psalm 19:1), so often we can be too busy to take some time out and actually be a part of it. Why not take some time and go for a walk (even if it is raining!) or get out of the city to see the stars properly. This can help draw our focus away from ourselves and back onto God. Often I find myself rejoicing and praising God for his wonder in creation - this can kick start our times with him. Consider the work of his hands (Psalm 8:3) just as the Psalmist did and allow it to draw you to worship / prayer and away from the things that are crowding in.

Intersperse Your Day with The Bible
Ok so you’ve tried but you can’t carve out specific time when you haven’t got any other distractions in your day to read the bible or pray. Why not consider signing up to get an email with your daily reading on it or use an app which will send you a number of pop up reminders or emails with passages to read throughout your day? (See apps at the end for more)

During Exercise
Many of us have a regular exercise routine, whether that be going to the gym or in the open air. You might use this as time to unwind. Why not swap your musical playlist for a biblical one? You could do this by using one of the many bible apps or online reading notes. You could also look for some podcasts or audio books to listen to whilst you exercise.

Bible Apps

goTandem - (sends reminder emails or pop up notifications)

BiOY - Bible In One Year - HTB - (bible readings & notes to help you read the bible in a year)


ESV Bible - (Full ESV Bible)

YouVersion - (includes reading plans & different bible versions)

NIV Audio Bible - Read by David Suchet


Also available to listen to on YouVersion Bible App

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