David Ash
Social Media

Can you help us? Through Facebook we can reach around 132,000 people (based upon the assumption that the average FB user has 330 friends & we have over 400 likes on our page). In order for us to reach this many people and be visible on FB, their algorithms need to think we are relevant to the people who like our page.  How does this work???

Here’s where you come in: if you have a FB account please like our page and then interact with our posts: 
*liking is good 
*commenting is better
*sharing is the best

Every day we are now posting Bible verses and we've also changed the style of our other posts to make them more interactive, so you're more likely to want to comment on them! 

We just need you to start interacting with us! To do this simply answer our questions, share the posts & like them. We'll try our best to respond to your comments!

This isn’t just of publicities sake, actually together we can harness the power of social media and reach a far wider audience with the gospel. By doing this we massively increase the normal reach of Jubilee, which is so exciting!

Where's this coming from?
In October 2016 we attended a social media training day with Steve Fogg hosted by the Salt & Light Midlands Sphere. Steve Fogg is the Communications Pastor of Crossway Baptist Church, Melbourne. He hails from the Midlands but is currently based in Australia and is an expert in how churches communicate and use online and social media. Read more about Steve on his website: