John Batten
LifeGroups at Jubilee

Looking for Community?
Everyone needs a community to be part of and we believe that small groups form an ideal way in which we can enjoy community and build friendships.

Our small groups are called LifeGroups and are at the very heart of Jubilee Church. Our LifeGroups meet across the City on a variety of evenings. We also have a LifeGroup meeting in Burton on Trent which in time we hope will become a thriving church plant in the town. Our LifeGroups are the hub of our church and are central to everything we do together.

What do people say about LifeGroups?

"LifeGroup is a place where I can love & grow with people in my community. It's shown me that many other people go through the same struggles as I do, and I don't have to go through trials alone. I can be real with them and share the struggles I am going through, while being there for other people as well!

"One of the great things about LifeGroups is that you think you are going to be ministered to, but suddenly you end up ministering to someone else in the group. In other words, we all have something to share, LifeGroups are a way we get to share God’s story in our lives.

Do LifeGroups do things outside of their weekly meetings?
Of course! Most of our LifeGroups meet weekly on a particular evening for the purposes of a group meeting. However, we really encourage our groups to continue to gather socially together outside of those times! They might want to have a BBQ, go bowling or visit the cinema as well as a mulitude of other activities we all enjoy.

Our LifeGroups are also the place where mission should be at the forefront, planning ways to impact their local are or serve those around them! 

"A church must grow larger and smaller at the same time. Larger through worship and smaller through small groups. When Jesus started His ministry, the very first thing He did was form a small group." –Rick Warren

If you aren’t part of a LifeGroup yet or you would like to find out more check out the web page or email: