Graham Pyman
Family Meeting

What is membership?
We believe that when you become a Christian, you become part of the worldwide Church. However, the Bible also encourages Christians to become participating members of a specific local community. In the New Testament, new believers were always saved and added to a local church – there was no sense of any Christian just "going it alone".

Our expression of this is membership, so if you would like to find out what it means to be a member of the church, please let us know. To help people understand more about our vision and values and what being a member is all about we hold membership courses. These take place over two evenings once a term, if you would like to come along to the next course please do let us know by contacting the church office: or 0845 095 6710

Church Family Evening
To keep members up to date with the life of Jubilee Church we hold annual Church Family evenings or membership evenings. These take place instead of our monthly prayer meeting usually in May or June. The team share updates about the finances, structure, ministry areas and plans for or an updated vision for the year ahead. These are a vital part of our annual calendar.

All members and those looking into membership or joining Jubilee Church are welcome!

Occasionally we may hold an additional Family Meeting if there is urgent news to share or there are specific things which the team want to communicate directly to members.

These times usually start with a time of worship and always end by praying for one another, the church, the city & the nations. Our most recent Family Meeting was held on 3/06/2015.